And Then There Were Two…

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: red-reaper, no-ski, spongebob

No-Ski on Q. 3 posted for beatdown, 1 Irish Goodbye around 6 AM.

The three amigos met in the gloom for the Thursday AM beatdown. Few regulars are still DR and some still prefer to fartsack at home. Looking for those FNG’s people!

This is only the second Q for YHC, so WEINKE is in full effect. I even had my head flashlight to help me along the way.

The thang started like this:

At the BB courts time for warm up.

  • Baby Arm Circles | IC 12 /reverse
  • Air Presses | IC 12
  • SSH | IC 12
  • Imp Walkers | IC 12
  • Frankenstein’s | IC 12
  • Windmills | IC 12
  • Cotton Pickers | IC 12

Mosey around to roundabout. They appear to be our favorite spot stations.

  • Mountain Climbers | IC 12
  • Irkins | IC 12
  • Sweat Angels | IC 12
  • Hill Billies | IC 12
  • Bear Crawl around roundabout
  • Crab Walk around roundabout the other way

Next up Spongebob wanted to run an experiment on the PAX. Prepping some gruesome exercise for Saturday workout I presume.

We mosey over to the pickup truck in the parking lot, and Spongebob gets his long ladder out. Next thing we know Red-Reaper is holding one end, Spongebob the other and YHC is hanging from the ladder in the middle. Time for some Air Presses. While YHC is hanging, the other 2 PAX try few Air Presses. After 3 or so Air Presses, YHC does a pull-up or two. Then we try to switch around. Remember this is only a test.

Next we use the pickup truck back end to lay one end of the ladder on it. Spongebob holds the other end. YHC sits on the ladder while Spongebob does a cable row type of exercise. Arms up and down a few times. We try to switch around again, but we are all different weight class and this ain’t easy.

Next up, mosey around the neighborhood, about a mile total. Following Q, at each stop we do an exercise.

    • Burpees | OYO 10
    • Lunges (per leg) | OYO 10 | This is where Spongebob gives us the Irish Goodbye
    • Imperial Squat Walkers | IC 10
    • Derkins | OYO 10
    • Plank Jacks | IC 10
    • LBC’s | IC 10
    • Plank (YHC counts to 25, then Red-Reaper does the same)

Back to BB courts for some MARY

  • Flutter Kicks | IC 12
  • Rosalita | IC 12
  • Windshield Wipers | IC 12
  • Nolan Ryan’s | IC 12 switch hands
  • Bobby Hurley’s | OYO 10
  • Cotton Pickers | IC 10 per Red-Reaper’s request
  • LBC’s | IC 20 per Red-Reaper’s request to finish strong!

Since it was just the 2 of us at this point, the COT happened while we were walking back to our homes.

  • A quick request for everyone to have a great rest of the week.


  • All the regulars are getting stronger. We may have to step up the beatdowns soon :).
  • Patiently waiting on our new F3Lutz shirts, so we can sweat in style.
  • Love the idea that the PAX keep coming up with new exercises and testing them out.
  • Still trying to recruit more FNG’s, but it ain’t easy. Keep on EH’ing!