F3 Nature Coast was established on 12.31.2016.

We are an F3 workout group for men with AO’s at Long Lake Ranch, Starkey Ranch and Bexley.

Regular men of different shapes, various backgrounds as well as various fitness levels gather together in the gloom 6 times a week for a good old-fashioned beatdown. F3 is not just a work out. Fitness, Fellowship and Faith are the 3 F’s and we are here to make each other better leaders, fathers, husbands and men in general.

Our workouts incorporate your own body weight, at times coupons (cinder blocks, sandbags, tires, battle ropes, etc.), and cardio (running, sprinting, BURPEES!!!).

Leave no men behind and modify as needed. We are not here to judge each other on who can do more stuff but to push each other to do better, get stronger and be better men in our communities.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then join us for a beatdown. You will not regret it!