[F]riendly [N]ew [G]uy Corner

You took the first step by posting to your first beatdown, or possibly just stumbled upon our site and found this landing page. Take a few moments to see what F3 Nation is all about. Below you will find few quick videos about F3.

Get fit with us, make some new friends along the way.

See you at the Basketball Courts!

Basic Lexicon

When doing a F3 workout, you will hear some unknown phrases thrown around. Below are the few common ones. For a full list please visit F3 Nation Lexicon.

  • PAX: A person. Also refereed to a group of men.
    HC: Short for the Hard Commit. Used when letting Q know if you will attend a workout 100%.
  • BACK BLAST: Written account of the workout. Usually posted digitally on a website.
    HIM: Short for High Impact Man.
  • FARTSACKING: Staying in bed instead of Posting.
  • YHC: Short for Your Humble Correspondent. Used when writing Back Blasts.
  • EH: Short for Emotional Headlock. Getting non F3 men to post to a F3 workout, by constant chatting about F3 workout.
  • COFFETERIA: Post-Workout gathering of the PAX for mutual mockery, lying and coffee-drinking.
  • WEINKE: A written list of the Exercises a Q intends to call at a Workout.
  • C.S.A.U.P: Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless aka OCR events, GoRuck events, 5K’s, etc.