The Day No-See-Um Almost Melted Away…

by | Jul 8, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski, no-see-um
PAX POSTED: no-ski, no-see-um, dillio, morphine

Great morning for a beatdown here at #TheRanch. We had 4 PAX posted including a guest appearance from Morphine out of Atlanta. Q was split between YHC and @no-see-um.

Towards the end during MARY, @no-see-um was sweating so much that YHC didn’t think it was possible :). The only other time YHC saw someone sweat this much was in the movie Airplane.

Temperature was 87 degrees and humid. Perfect conditions in Florida.

The Thang:

At BB courts time for warmup.

  • Baby Arm Circles | IC 12 /reverse
  • Arm Presses | IC 12
  • Side Struttle Hop | IC 12
  • Cotton Picker | IC 12
  • Windmill | IC 12
  • Merkins | IC 12

Mosey towards the heavy machinery and a porta potty, it’s how we roll here in Lutz.

  • Mountain Climbers | IC 12
  • Shoulder Taps | IC 12
  • Imperial Walkers | IC 12
  • Squats with Toe Kicks | IC 12
  • Merkins | IC 12

Mosey to Field of Pain.

Awaiting us were 3 yellow cones. It’s time for Dirty McDuce/Jacob’s Ladder combo. 3 exercises per cone. Chest, legs, abdominal | OYO (25 each). Run to the hill and do burpees, then run back to another cone and rinse/repeat.

  • Merkins | Squats | LBC’s | Run to the Hill | Burpee (x4)
  • Merkins | Lunges | Dying Cockroach | Run to the Hill | Burpee (x8)
  • Merkins | Pulse Squat Jumps | Sweat Angels | Run to the Hill | Burpee (x16)

Slowsey to the dock on lake.

Howling Monkeys (2 rounds) | OYO 15.
Circle up. First person does (x15) Monkey Humpers while rest hold hold ankles. Don’t let go of the ankles until the last PAX is done. Howl at any time.

Hail Mary (2 rounds) | OYO 15.
Partner up. First man plank, second dips (x15) on bench while feet on first man/switch when done.

At this point the Q was passed on to @no-see-um.

11’s on The Hill

  • Flutters & Squats

Partner-up time for some Cinder Blocks.

Round of:

  • 10 Curls
  • 10 Shoulder Presses
  • 10 Block Presses on back while holding 6″

Now P1 runs to cones (50 yards away) carrying 2 blocks (drops them and sprints back) while P2 does Planks (10 secs)/Burpees(1) until P1 returns! Now P2 sprints to other end of field and retrieves the blocks!

Rinse & Repeat!

Next up Block Handoffs x10 per man.

Partners facing each other and on six with legs interlocked. Big Boy Sit-Ups while passing Block back and forth!

Rinse & Repeat except this time with a block press before coming back up. Thanks Dillio for the suggestion! Now here at #TheRanch when anyone suggests any harder addition to a workout already in progress it will be termed…..A Dillio!!!

@no-see-um was sent a video by a friend on some core/MARY workouts, so decided to share with the group this morning. It was a crowd pleaser!

  • Plank (10 seconds)
  • Elbow Plank (10 secs)
  • Side Elbow Plank x2 (10 secs)
  • Elbow Plank (10 secs)
  • Regular Plank (10 secs)
  • Hollows (aka Hollow Body – 15 secs)
  • Supermans (15 secs)

Rinse and Repeat


  • Prayers for @no-see-um and family as wife is super busy traveling to NYC the past three weeks for work and more to come.
  • Awesome to have Morphine from Atlanta with us and prayers for safety tonight at his 20th year reunion and travel back to the ATL tomorrow.


  • And speaking of Morphine, glad we had a doctor in the house b/c it looked like @no-see-um was melting away during the MARY portion of today’s beatdown. Lots of fluids were lost for sure today!
  • Once again we’ve coined a new term…….A Dillio! I’m sure now that we have made this public we will have lots of wise-guys trying to insert their own “Dillio’s” from here going forward!

Total Distance Today: 1.4 miles
Total Merkins Today: 179 (includes Merkins from the Burpees)

** Special thanks to Dillio for hooking us up with his famous Chill Dill Pickles. YHC is about to open them up or lunch.