Split Q at #TheRanch

by | Aug 20, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: spongebob, no-ski
PAX POSTED: spongebob, no-ski, dba, bartman, waffle, Heisenberg

6 PAX posted for the weekend edition of beatdown at #TheRanch. Waffle had to do an Irish Goodbye halfway through, but we are glad he made it out for the first half. Weather was real nice. It was a split Q between @spongebob and YHC.

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The Thang;

Crop duster for 1.5 mile in about 30 min. time. From BB courts time to mosey over to Sunlake Blvd;

  • Moon Hops (side straddle hops while moving)

Mosey some more;

  • Calf lift on a curb while holding the shoulder of a partner PAX.


  • Oooooo O Oooos aka Remember the Titans. New idea attempt… while chanting like the Titans and jogging at a brisk pace we reached right hand to left foot x20, then repeated the opposite direction. Proved to stretch the glutes well. PAX wasn’t very vocal though for the Oooo and Ooooos, so we need to practice this a bit more next time!
  • Plank hops. All but one PAX planking, other PAX frog jumps over all others, drop down in plan and the next one up starts his hops. Repeat x2

Turn back to BB courts for @waffles Irish Goodbye at 8AM sharp;


  • Reverse lunge for about 25 yards, then side lunges in both directions

Mosey more;

  • Duck / crab walk for 50 yds


  • x30 monkey humpers. Mosey. Repeat again

Back at courts;

Time to beatdown our upper bodies, one PAX on all fours while another does dips on his back. Irish goodbye happens here… Merkins and Dry docks for everyone else. Each PAX does the above workouts and then hand off Q to @no-ski…

Head over to the Field of Pain;

Dirty McDuce/Jacob’s Ladder Combo (25)| OYO

  • Merkins | Squats | LBC’s | Fence Run | Burpee (x5)
  • Merkins | Lunges | Dying Cockroach | Fence Run | Burpee (x5)
  • Merkins | Pulse Squat Jumps | Sweat Angels | Fence Run | Burpee (x5)

Mosey to Dock;

  • Step ups OYO 12
  • Dips OYO 12
  • Howling Monkeys OYO 10 (2 rounds)

Mosey to BB courts;

Hurricane Hoedown;

  • 7 IC Seated Flutter Kicks hands raised in Hallelujahs
  • 7 IC Slightly reclined Flutter Kicks
  • 7 IC Normal Flutter Kicks
  • 7 IC LBC Flutter Kicks

Next to finish up YHC let the PAX pick a few pain medications;

  • @spongebob Frankenstein’s IC x10
  • @heisenberg Mountain Climbers IC x10
  • @dba Legs to the Sky IC x10
  • @bartman Plank (each PAX count to 10 for total 60 sec.)
  • @no-ski Bobby Hurley’s IC x10
  • @spongebob High Knees IC x10

Total Distance: 2.05 mi.


  • Gave thanks for @dba father getting a clean bill of health
  • Asked that @no-see-um son has a safe football season
  • As usual for all the fartsackers to get out and post
  • Prayed for everyone to have a good upcoming week
  • Thanked for all those who constantly keep coming out for the beatdowns


  • @heisenberg looked strong pushing through with the rest of the PAX. Great job for second posting
  • @bartman getting his cardio game on
  • @spongebob keeping things fresh with his beatdown routines
  • YHC trying to push the PAX a bit more in a selfish attempt to train harder for the Tough Mudder 🙂