Weekend Edition of Pain Delivery Successful at #TheRanch

by | Oct 7, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: no-ski, dba, bartman, notoriousnyc, discount-doublecheck, dillio, heisenberg

YHC on Q today. Making sure that the soreness from Thursday is continued through out the weekend. The PAX strong as ever. 7 #HIM posted today for a weekend edition of the beatdown at #TheRanch. LB3’s, BB3 and abdominal wheel made appearance as the tokens for the day.

Back to normal humidity in sunny Lutz, Florida today. Little bit of wind, but not enough to make it feel comfortable. This didn’t stop us from getting the work done…

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Flag was planted and men wen to work.

The Thang;

At BB courts; IC x12

  • SSH
  • Baby Arm Circles
  • Chest Stretch
  • Frankenstein’s
  • Windmills
Mosey to new unfinished street; IC x12
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Hip Slappers
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Crab Cakes

Move over to the cones area;

  • Bear Crawl to first cone then sprint to second cone, turn around and do the same back to start line
  • Repeat the above
  • Crab Walk to the first cone then then sprint to second one, turn around and do the same back to start line
  • Repeat the above

Circle up;

  • All PAX High Knees, then each PAX one at a time shouts “DOWN” and does a Burpee, counter clockwise
  • Repeat all around the PAX x3

Indian Mosey with coupons to the Lake of Pain first gate;

  • Stop 1: Mucho Chesto OYO with YHC counting out loud x10 (regular Merkin, left staggered Merkin, right staggered Merkin, wide Merkin, diamond Merkin)
  • Mosey
  • Stop 2: Howling Monkeys x10 each PAX /repeat
  • Mosey
  • Stop 3: Burpees OYO x10

Mosey to Field of Pain Pavilion; All sets OYO x20;

Station 1

  • Irkins
  • Merkins
  • Derkins

Station 2

  • Abdominal Wheel
  • Leg Raises on bench
  • LBC’s

Station 3

  • Bench Step-ups with LB3
  • Squats with BB3
  • Lunges with LB3

Plank till all PAX done;

Move over to the Wall;

  • Balls to the Wall (first PAX to go down, Burpees = Total number of PAX which was 7, then the next one down 6..5..4..etc.)
  • Wall Jumps x10
  • Wall Sits

Move over to the Playground;

3 PAX doing exercises, the rest PAX in Plank. Rotate as needed. All OYO x15

  • Dips
  • Pull-up Row
  • Hanging Leg Raises

As we were running low on time at this point, YHC wrapped things up at the Playground with some MARY;

All IC x12

  • LBC’s
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Nolan Ryan’s (IC x10 left, IC x10 right)
  • Plank/Elbow Plank/Plank (each PAX count to 10)
  • Box Cutters
  • Freddy Mercury’s
  • American Hammers

Back to BB courts for COT;

Total Distance: 1.53 mi


  • Prayers for @heisenberg and @down-under’s sisters
  • Prayers for @dillio and his Chill Dill
  • Prayers for Puerto Rico and surrounding islands as they recover from all the hurricane craziness
  • Prayers for all other regions affected by Harvey, Irma and Maria
  • Prayers for Las Vegas
  • Prayers for all the PAX hope to have a great weekend and great start to next week


  • Another great outing with the men of F3Lutz, YHC always proud to lead the men
  • Lot’s of huffin and puffin today which was music to YHC”s ears
  • Decent amount of mumble chatter
  • Countdown is on to Tough Mudder!