On the Move with Full Moon and Roxanne at #TheRanch

by | Nov 4, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: no-ski, no-see-um, dba, heisenberg, sparky, tardy, notorious nyc, Minnow

Beautiful weather in sunny Lutz, Florida this AM. 8 PAX posted for a weekend edition beatdown. The 7:30 AM start still gave us a beautiful full moon to look during mosey. YHC on Q today, trying to bring some movement and pain to the PAX. We had a guest appearance today from Alabama. Tardy joined us for some fun. We also had a FNG, welcome Sparky!

As we were about to get going, we had a quick guest appearance from one of the fartsackers. @red-reaper did a quick run-by and promised to be back in the saddle on Tuesday.

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Flag was planted, disclaimer was given. Men went to work…

Mosey to first roundabout. Time for some warm-ups, all IC x10.

  • Cotton Pickers
  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Merkins
  • Mexican Squats (squat and jump forward)

Mosey to the second roundabout.

  • Bear Crawl Ring of Fire
    • All PAX Bear Crawl around the roundabout. Q yells STOP! and does x10 Merkins while all PAX are in Plank position. When done Q yells NEXT! The next PAX does x10 Merkins, while rest of PAX still in Plank. Keep doing till it comes around back to Q. Continue to Bear Crawl again. Do this for x3 rounds.

Mosey to new, but still not used street in the subdivision. We got to enjoy some beautiful scenery while enduring the pain applied by YHC. Calming still water, with some beautiful reflections of trees and a slight fog just hovering over the top. 

  • Dirty McDuce/Jacob’s Ladder Combo
    • x30 Merkins | x30 Squats | x30 LBC’s | Run about 100 yards| x10 Burpees| Run back to start
    • x30 Merkins | x30 Lunges | x30 Dying Cockroach | Run about 100 yards| x10 Burpees| Run back to start
    • x30 Merkins | x30 Pulse Squat Jumps | x30 Sweat Angels | Run about 100 yards| x10 Burpees| Run back to start

All men circle up. Time to beat up those legs a little.

  • Howling Monkeys for x2 rounds. Each PAX counts till 10. No letting go of the ankles!
  • Air Squared with Hand Claps | IC x10

Time to mosey again.

Next up is Bataan Death March aka Burpee Catch Me if You Can. Start to mosey in line, last PAX stops and does x5 Burpees while the rest of PAX continues to mosey forward. When done, sprint towards the PAX ahead and tap last PAX then run to front to lead. Keep doing till all PAX get their Burpees in.

Mosey back to BB courts. YHC was going to try a song workout. The choice was Roxanne by The Police.

  • All PAX in Plank. While Roxanne is playing, you do a Merkin at Roxanne and a Plank Jack at Red Light through out the song. YHC played a slimmed down version of this for testing purposes as time was against us. Next time we are going all out with full song.

Since the PAX requested to keep some music on while finishing up the rest of the beatdown, YHC warned them not to judge him by his music selection. Heavy Metal music followed right after.

Next up all IC x10

  • Hurricane Hoedown
    • Seated Flutter Kicks (hands raised in Hallelujahs)
    • Reclined Flutter Kicks (elbows on the ground)
    • Normal Flutter Kicks

Next up all IC x15

  • Freddy Mercury’s
  • American Hammers

Followed by all IC x10

  • Nolan Ryan’s (right hand/left hand)
  • Bobby Hurley’s

PAX on their feet on one side of the BB courts. Time to Crab Walk across, then Crab Walk backwards back to starting position.

Final exercise was the Plank. Each of the 8 PAX counted of to 10.

  • Regular Plank\Elbow Plank\Right Hand Up\Left Hand Up\Regular Plank

Total Distance: 2.02 miles


  • Thankful for all the men of F3Lutz for posting for the beatdowns. We have grown slowly but surely.
  • Prayers for @seabass, @heisenberg, @fresh-prince as they are dealing with their challenges at this time.
  • We forgot to ask for prayers for @bartman for a safe trip in Mexico and back.
  • We also forgot to ask for prayers for @discount-doublecheck for his knee recovery.
  • Prayers for all of the PAX to continue being leaders in their households, community and workforce.


  • As usual, great job by all. Proud to lead you men whenever possible.
  • Team Billy the Kid is struggling right now with points, so hopefully we can turn this around soon! 🙂
  • Great job by Team Jesse James with their point gains this weekend.
  • Once again welcome FNG Sparky!
  • Great to have met F3 Tardy visiting from Alabama.
  • Great Coffeteria afterwards. Second F in full swing at local Starbucks.
  • T-shirt orders are on at this time. Go HERE to place yours, 10 days left to get the 12 ordered.