Mucho Chesto in the House Today!

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: no-ski, haka, notorious nyc, grouper, down-under

YHC was heading out today in the AM to get ready to Q. Wearing all black in the gloom with F3 logo on the chest, shovel flag in hand, gloves in the other. Next thing I know a police car pulls up behind me with his lights off, as I am putting the shovel in to my trunk. Officer asks if everything is OK. I’m thinking, man this can’t look good to him. I let him know about F3 workout group and thanked him for his community service.

We had some car break-ins over the last few days, so it was great to see some police force looking to discourage the bad guys from coming back around.

Perfect weather in Lutz, Florida this AM. Breezy and  in the 60’s. YHC on Q.

5 PAX posted for the beatdown in the gloom. Flag was planted and men went to work…

At BB courts, time for a quick warm-up while we wait for any late arrivals.

All IC x15

• Squat with Toe Kicks
• Hill Billie’s
• Merkins

The Thang.

Mosey to Sunlake Blvd. We kept constant movement, but would stop to do the following along the route:

1. Bear Crawl Around the World
Stop and a light post and bear crawl to the next light post. Switching up on Q’s command. Start with Forward, Side, Backwards, Side, Forward. 

2. Tunnel of Love
All PAX line up in plank, last PAX jumps over P1 then crawl under P2, all the way to the beginning then plank again. Do this for 3 rounds.

3. Captain Thor OYO 1:4 ratio
Big Boy Sit-up with American Hammers. 1/4, 2/8, 3/12., 4/16, 5/20.

4. Mucho Chesto IC x10
Start with Regular, Stagger Right, Stagger Left, Wide, Diamond. This one was rough. Chest bursting at the end for all PAX.

5. Aiken Legs OYO x20
Squats, Lunges, Squat Jumps, Split Jacks.

6. Plank 10 count each PAX
Regular, Elbow, Right, Left, Regular

7. Dragon Walk
Peter Parker while moving forward.

At this point we are back near the BB courts, in the parking lot.

8. Partner Carry – Catch Me If You Can
2 PAX teams. P1/P2 partner carry while P3 stays back to do Burpees x5, When done catch up to the P1/P2 and tap on shoulder. Flip/Flop and repeat. Since we had uneven number, some PAX did Duck Walks instead, but all got their Burpees in.

9. Shoulder Taps IC x10 followed by Merkins IC x10

10. Guantanamo with Flutter Kicks
All PAX lined up on their six. Time for Flutter Kicks IC x10, Once done, keep legs up. Last PAX jump up and run to the other side of the line while pushing each PAX  legs down. Try to keep them from touching the ground. Rinse repeat 2 times.

All done.

Total Distance: 1.93 Miles


  • Prayers for @down-under’s family. May the issue resolve quickly.
  • Prayers for @heisenberg with the job hunt.
  • Asked for safe travels for @bartman.
  • Asked for peaceful resolution to all the craziness in our neighborhood lately.


  • Second F tonight at Glory Days! Be there.
  • Men of F3Lutz are rocking each beatddown! Proud to lead you all.
  • @haka still a beast! @grouper posting since his first post. @notoriousnyc is a machine. @down-under was hardcore during the Catch Me if You Can, ended up sprinting at the end with YHC on his back!