You Are Third

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Needles
PAX POSTED: Needles, Flat Tire, Endo, Vanellope, NotoriousNYC, DBA, Apnea, Oppa

8 Pax Posted this morning in the dreadful humidity. YHC was feeling very sick this morning from a little too much celebration last night but resisted all attempted splashes of Merlot. Old Glory was planted and at 05:30 sharp the pain began.


The Beatdown:


Mosey to Daggerwing circle.


Merkins (IC) X 20


Mosey to the Lake entrance


Merkins (IC) X 20


Mosey around the lake with pit stops every entrance and boardwalk.


Sphinx Merkins (IC) X 20


Wide Merkins (IC) X 20


Merkins (IC) X 20


Big Boy Situps (IC) X 20


Aiken Legs (OYO) X 1 set


Dips (IC) X 20


Duck walk across boardwalk (the whole way!)


The lake was incredibly dark but the stars were out in full glory! YHC was frightened by a Heron but no gator sightings today.


Mosey back to BB courts


Bruce Lee’s (OYO) X 1 set


And an Oppa led plank position with 10 counts from every Pax


To end it all off Burpees for the last 2 minutes




Prayers for NotoriousNYC’s son as he puts in for his military positions in the Air Force.


Prayers for the injured Pax members that were not able to make it today.


Prayers for good health, injury free, and blessed days


Remember to keep up with the Miles and Merkins for Michelle




Today’s workout was tough. A lot of our workouts are difficult. We have seen a lot of people push themselves WAY too far and get hurt because they want to keep up or compete. Competition is natural for us men and wanting to keep up is also a very natural thing. However, we all have individual fitness levels that we need to keep track of and keep in check. Getting injured does not benefit you, the pax, or your family. As a Q leader, I would have failed my mission if a member of my pax ends up out of action for weeks. I take extreme ownership in that role. I think we need a new mindset in some of these workouts.


You are THIRD! For me personally, this means that God comes first, Family second, Me third. For a Q lead it should be Mission, Pax, You. Put the Mission above your ego and put the pax before you. This mindset is PARAMOUNT when we talk about the F3 principle of All Men are welcome. ALL MEN includes EVERY disability and EVERY fitness level. If a member of your pax needs to peel or modify then let them do it and do not grumble or feel disrespected. That kind of attitude is incredibly detrimental to the health of the pax and frankly rude.


You are Third as well as a Pax member. Mission, pax, me. Calling for the Q to be a full body beatdown or feeling disrespected at members of the pax modifying is a singular me, me, me mentality. I understand that we are men and we talk crap or rub elbows. That is fine! Poking fun at form and all that jazz is not what im talking about here. We just need a little more respect for others modifying.


We do not leave men behind and we always pick them up.