Took 18 years to get this far!

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Rockwell
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, Endo, no-see-um, no-ski, Grouper, Halftime, Apnea

YHC took the Q for today as it is a very special day! 18 years of service in the Army! No alarm clock issues today and a really good turnout! Still not too muggy but definitely more humid than the past couple of Qs.

8 Pax ready to go.  Disclaimer was given and we were off.


Mosey to first traffic circle

Side Straddle Hop — 10 IC

Frankenstein — 10 IC

Merkins — 12 IC

Mountain Climbers — 10 OYO

Mosey to second traffic circle

Ring around the rosy, lunges, stopping at each line for 5 Merkins

Mosey back to the basketball courts.

YHC thanked the men for showing up today and told them why it was such a special day.  In honor of 18 years of service there would be a lot of 18s.  Briefed the workout plan, would perform 18 repetitions of a particular exercise, perform a burpee after each workout going up by one each time, and then do a lap around the basketball and tennis courts, hold an Al Gore pose till everyone returned and start with the next exercise.

The Workout:

1st Round — Merkins (18), Burpee (1), Lap

2nd Round — Big Boy sit ups (18), Burpee (2), Lap

3rd Round — Lunges (18), Burpee (3), Lap

4th Round — Mountain Climbers (18), Burpee (4), Lap

5th Round — Squats (18), Burpee (5), Lap

6th Round — Freddy Mercury (18), Burpee (6), Lap

7th Round — Flutter Kicks (18), Burpee (7), Lap

8th Round — Squat Jumps (18), Burpee (8), Lap

9th Round — Called an audible and cut out the Burpees, due to time.  Diamond Merkins (18), Lap

10th Round — Plank Jacks (18), Lap

11th Round — Star Jump (18), Lap

12th Round — V-Ups (18), Lap

13th Round — Broad Jumps (From one end of the court and back), Lap

14th Round — Plank up downs (18), Lap

15th Round — High Knees (18), Lap

16th Round — Big Boy Sit-Ups (18), Lap

End of Time

Workouts not performed:

Skaters and Burpees (Sorry guys, we will get them in next time)

Total Distance — 2.86 Miles 🙂


Prayers for everyone not able to make it today, due to ailments or any injuries that they may be nursing.  We miss you guys and hope to see you out soon!

Prayers for safe travels for Haka who is DR the next couple of weeks


*Thank you so much for the opportunity to lead the F3 workout this morning! Feeling very blessed to have found this group.  I believe I have corrected my alarm clock issues, found a second alarm clock as back up to the phone’s alarm clock.  Still trying to track down a light pole or log of some sorts.

*Anyone who is nursing an injury or has an ailment they are dealing with, take it easy and slowly re-integrate yourself back into the workouts.  No one knows your body better than you and if you do not feel ready do not push it and re-aggravate it or make it worse. (Speaking from experience)

*Welcome back Halftime!

*Drink water men!

*A little fun with this BB, there is a reference to a song, who can find it?

Saturday is 2.0 Workout.  Bring your kids and bring your neighbors! There will be coffeeterria at the pavilion after — coffee, refreshments, breakfast.