Old man No-Ski B-Day Beatdown

by | Feb 17, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: no-ski, vanellope, belding, malware (hate, hate), flat tire, dba, grouper, murphy, the count (respect), gizzard

BB delayed by birthday activities post-beatdown, but we all know if no BB then it didn’t happen!

YHC turned 44 on Saturday and appreciated all 10 PAX that posted for his B-day beatdown celebration. The weather couldn’t be better. Not hot, not cold, just right. The flag was planted ahead of YHC arriving at the “still to be allowed to be used BB courts”. 2 visitors were already waiting. Welcome The Count from TN and Gizzard from the NC.

A quick disclaimer was given and then straight to work.

Mosey to the roundabout.

  • SSH
  • Baby Arm Circles
  • Chinooks
  • Imperial Walker
  • Squats with Toe Kicks
  • Wind Mills
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Lake of Pain. Get over to the Dock. Grab a piece of the bench.

  • Step-Ups x20
  • Dips x20
  • Irkins x15
  • Derkins x15
  • Rinse/Repeat for a total of 2 sets

Get over to the Ramp.

  • Bear Crawl up the ramp (2 sets of this)
  • Crab Walk up the ramp (1 set)

Next up, Indian Run around the Lake of Pain. Stop every so often and 3 PAX draw 1 card each from the Deck of Death (or Pain) and then all PAX perform the exercises on the cards. Face cards x10 per set, all other cards value of the card, +10 per set. The Lake of Pain is about 1.20 miles around. We stopped about 5 or 6 times for various exercises. A good mix for abdominal and leg work was had.

On the last stop, YHC had about 10 minutes left before the end of the beatdown. It was time to let the PAX know it’s time to celebrate his birthday. YHC was born on 02/16/1975 and is now 44 years old. With that in mind we went to work on:

  • 2 min of Planks
  • x16 Jump Squats
  • x19 Big Boy Sit-ups
  • x75 Merkins
  • x44 Burpees

When done SSH till all done. Then we mosey back to the flag. At this point, we were 2 minutes in OT.


Total Distance: 1.84 mil


  • Prayers of thanks for all PAX in attendance.
  • Prayers for @haka for quick healing to his back.
  • Prayers for all PAX who are DR for work.
  • Prayers for the visitors safe travels back home.
  • Prayers for all PAX dealing with daily struggles.


  • Great way to start a birthday weekend with the PAX of F3Lutz (and guests). Always appreciate all the effort each man puts in.
  • @murphy, great work! Way to push yourself and consistently coming out for beatdowns. You will start seeing gains soon!
  • Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I am thankful for being a part of the group and feel great for a 44-year-old!