Shoulders on fire aka No-Ski first VQ

by | Jun 3, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: no-ski, dba, bartman, spongebob

Beautiful weather this AM in sunny Lutz, Florida. Perfect time for a beatdown to burn off those extra calories accumulated from Friday night partying.

Additional 2 PAX doing their thang away while on vacation. Red-Reaper at a resort and No-See-Um in Georgia with another F3 team.

No-Ski on VQ today.

The Thang:

Mosey around Tennis/BB courts

Side Straddle Hop | IC (10)
Cotton Pickers | IC (10)
Windmills | IC (10)
Mountain Climbers | IC (10)
Imperial Walkers | IC (10)
Squats with Toe Kicks | IC (10)

Mosey to a roundabout with curb

Wheel of Merkin | IC (10)
Bear Crawl around the roundabout
Lunges around the roundabout

Mosey to Main Event Arena aka the park

**Dirty McDuce/Jacob’s Ladder Combo**
Merkins OYO (10) | Squats OYO (10) | LBC’s OYO (10) | Hill Run | Burpee OYO (4)
Seal Merkins OYO (10) | Lunges OYO (10) | Dying Cockroach OYO (10) | Hill Run | Burpee (8)
Spider-man Merkins OYO (10) | Pulse Squat Jumps OYO (10) | Sweat Angels OYO (10) | Hill Run | Burpee (16)

** As an opt out from one of the stations, you can carry a punching bag to top of hill and back.
I believe we all took this option and it wasn’t any easier than doing the 3rd station.

Slowsey (F3Lutz name for “I’m huffin and puffin, so I’ll slowly run/walk”) to the dock on the lake

**Howling Monkeys**
Circle up. First person does OYO (10) Monkey Humpers while rest hold hold ankles. Don’t let go of the ankles until the last PAX is done. Howl at any time. There was some howling at the end. (2 rounds)

**Hail Mary**
Partner up, first man plank second does the dips on bench while feet on first man/flapjack when done | OYO (20)
YTH partnered with Spongebob, that is all I’m going to say here. I might have to call this one Bruised Elbows :). (2 rounds)

Next up, time to rock the dock (literally the dock was moving as we did this). Might need Dramamine next time

Step Ups | OYO (10) each leg (2 rounds)

Another Slowsy over to the basketball courts for some MARY. Because we didn’t get enough arm workouts we started this with…

Baby Arm Circles | IC (10) reverse
Hand Presses | IC (10)
The Chinooks (overhead arm circle) | IC (10) reverse
Annie (Plank, one hand up making circles, alternate) | IC (10)

** Modified Hurricane Hoedown**
Seated Flutter Kicks with hands raised in Hallelujahs | IC (10)
Reclined Flutter Kicks with hands behind head | IC (10)
Normal Flutter Kicks | IC (10)

Bobby Hurleys | OYO (10)

Time for PAX suggestions.

First DBA with Frankenstein Boogie (you jump while doing the FST) | OYO (20)
Next was Bartman with Plankjacks | IC (10)
Spongebob pitched in with YHC’s least favorite Crabwalk across basketball courts
For the final YHC wrapped it up with Lunges across the basketball courts

– New site is up. We are now on Twitter, Slack, Facebook, Instagram. Trying to spread the word.
– F3Lutz shirts are ready for pre-order. Super stoked to get those in.

– Pray for all PAX on the road to have a safe trips.
– May we have a great week ahead.
– May we keep getting stronger with every post.

YHC is very grateful for meeting this PAX. Keep up on being motivated and let’s keep spreading the word to possible FNG’s. Need to EH your neighbors, friends, and any other men you can muster up.

Have a great weekend!