Wet One in the Gloom, Where is Q?

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Back Blasts | 2 comments

QIC: pax
PAX POSTED: red-reaper, no-ski, bartman, dba, fresh prince

Q had an alarm clock malfunction this AM, so PAX stepped up in the pinch with own “Q of the moment”. Each PAX contributed with exercises through out the beatdown. It’s been raining last few days here in Lutz, so it was nice and wet this AM with a side of sprinkle here and there. This didn’t bother the brave men of Lutz as we went to town on the beatdown.

And it goes a little something like this…HIT IT!

– Cotton Pickers | IC 12
– Imperial Walkers | 12
– Baby Arm Circles | IC 10 then reverse
– Hand Presses | IC 10
– Side Straddle Hop | IC 12

Mosey to roundabout

** Follow the leader – 1 round each around the roundabout**
– Imperial Walkers
– Lunges
– Bear Crawl
– Frankenstein’s

Still at the roundabout, station up at each sign.

Round 1 (after each exercise duck walk to the next station)
– Diamond Merkin | OYO 10
– Incline Merkin | OYO 10
– Regular Merkin| OYO 10
– Decline Merkin | OYO 10

Round 2 (after each exercise step ups around the curb to the next station)
– Squats | OYO 20
– LBC’s | OYO 20
– Sweat Angels | OYO 20
– Step Ups | OYO 20

Mosey to mailboxes

– Dips | OYO 20 (2 rounds)
– Incline Merkins | OYO 15
– Big Boy Sit-ups | OYO 25

Mosey to BB courts

– Bobby Hurley’s (5) at free throw line, then backwards Bear Crawl to 3 point line and do (10) BH’s, then Bear Crawl backwards to half court line and (15) BH’s
– All PAX plank while one at a time does the side shuffle around 3 point line then plank again till all PAX are done. Repeat

Quick MARY for cooldowns.

Rosalitas | IC 12
Dying Cockroach | IC 12
ABC’s | OYO whole alphabet
Plank Jacks | IC 10
Nolan Ryan’s | IC 12 right then flapjack to left

– Prayed that Q just overslept and didn’t have some major issue for not posting. Looks like we need to start a GoFundMe campaign for a new alarm clock 🙂
– Give thanks for getting shirt order filled. Hope they will ship end of month
– Pray for a great week for everyone
– Reminder about second F this Wednesday between 6 and 6:30 PM