B L I M P S in the Moonlight at #TheRanch

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: no-ski, dba, spongebob, down-under

4 PAX posted for the gloom beatdown today. Finally got to name FNG Jared. He is now known as Down-Under (Navy/Australia thing). Weather cooperated as usual here in sunny Lutz, FL. Temperature was about 79 degrees and kind of humid. LB3’s were back in rotation again.

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The Thang…

Warmup at BB courts;

  • All IC (12)
  • SSH
  • Imp Walkers
  • Frankenstein’s Squats
  • Windmills
  • Cotton Pickers

Mosey to roundabout;

Time for Aiken Legs and Aiken Chest; (2 rounds)

  • All OYO
  • (x20) Squats
  • (x20) Merkins
  • (x20) Box Jumps (using curb as the box)
  • (x20) Merkins
  • (x20) Lunges (10 each leg)
  • (x20) Merkins
  • (x20) Split Jacks (10 each leg)
  • (x20) Merkins

Rinse and repeat;

Mosey to Sunlake Blvd. 2 PAX run with the LB3’s on their backs; Stop every couple lights and run through BLIMPS; Switch with the other 2 PAX for the LB3’s and mosey some more, rinse repeat;

B L I M P S in the Moonlight; Extra credit with a LB3 coupon; We did 4 stops total. 3 stops BLIMPS, 1 stop Plank 80 secs. Extra credit was Burpees with LB3’s. With your LB3 drop down do a Merkin on the LB3. Return to the standing position and press the LB3 above your head to complete one rep. The other extra credit was doing Squats and Lunges with the LB3 on your back (additional 19.2 lb in weight). All PAX did extra credit during beatdown. Great job men!

  • (x5) B-urpees
  • (x10) L-unges
  • (x15) I-mperial Walkers
  • (x20) M-erkins
  • (x25) P-lank Jacks
  • (x30) S-quats

Mosey back to BB courts;

Total Distance: 1.36 miles
Total Merkins: 235



  • Asked for DBA to recover from his back pain. He is a trooper for coming out and fighting through it!
  • Asked for all the fartsackers to get inspired again and start posting
  • FNG no more, Jared became Down-Under 
  • Down-Under took us out in prayer


  • We keep headlocking and trying to turn the Sad Clowns in to FNG’s, the only way to grow our PAX
  • Business cards were ordered, need to print some signs next and some flyers to post in the Concord Station
  • Only 11 days left for the Merkin Challenge, time to step things up gentlemen!