The Crop Duster at #TheRanch

by | Jul 22, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: spongebob
PAX POSTED: spongebob, bartman, dba, dillio, no-ski

Morning started off with some quick downpour of rain. It subsided just in time as the PAX arrived for the morning beatdown, weekend edition.

@spongebob on Q.

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Today’s beatdown used two props, the short ladder and a punching bag.

The Thang;

Disclaimer and then YHC told everyone “Grab personal items and lock car doors as we are going to be on the move…

Started the Crop Duster, like follow the leader, YHC leading us to the very back of LLR.

Long Mosey, then started with…

Duck or crab walk for two light poles, roughly 50 yds apart, each. All PAX opted to use both forms of transportation.


Next stop;

  • Merkins IC x10
  • Carolina Dry Docks OYO x20


Next stop;

  • Leg lifts OYO x10
  • Wipers OYO x20

Mosey to a nicely selected secretion of grass…and sand;

  • Army crawl, light pole to pole
  • Straight into Bear Crawl to next pole

Mosey further down Sunlake Blvd. to props at the pond of punishment.

Time for Super set x3.

One PAX doing Merkins x10. One PAX doing Carolina Dry Docks x10. One PAX doing row like pull ups with feet on ground in a reverse plank, while two PAX hold ends of 4 ft ladder. A sight to behold for all the runners that ran by us.

Everyone did each position then we started over two more times.

Next up was the Super Set Legs with Squat hold for 3 count x10, Lunges x20.

Repeat one more time.

Next up, Bear Crawls in square. Hands on a curb, then Bear Crawl clockwise sideways 10ft, then back 20 ft, then opposite direction 10ft, then Bear Crawl to staring position. Did 2 rounds of this.

Feeling the burn at this point, we switched up to…

One round of x25 Monkey Humpers.

New exercise, the Bag swingers.

Shoulder to shoulder PAX passed the Punching Bag, but had to flip it while swinging fully side to side. When done passing the bag to the next PAX, run over to the other end of line. Did about 30 yds then reversed.

Realizing we were short on time we mosey back to BB courts.

Total Distance: 2.4 miles
Total Merkins: 50



  • Hoping that @dba back gets healthy soon!
  • Prayers for @bartman for his travel tomorrow
  • Keep being good husbands, fathers and leaders
  • Looking forward to having @no-see-um back in rotation next week
  • May the fartsackers come out of the fartsacks for the next one!


  • PAX posed for some Merkin photos at the end of the beatdown as @no-ski took some photos
  • Everyone worked hard as usual
  • Need to work on the Second F soon