All Out of Gas In the Field of Pain

by | Jul 29, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: All The Pax
PAX POSTED: no-see-um, no-ski, seabass, dillio, bartman, jobs (FNG)

Glorious morning at #TheRanch for a beatdown of EPIC proportions for the Pax brave enough to show. YHC didn’t realize the difficulty or harshness of the workout until it was too late…..and there it was, no turning back or backing down.

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After Disclaimer given we GATA!

-SSH x15
-Frankensteins x15
-Merkins x10
-Mtn Climbers x15

-Circle Burp – 3 rounds
-Plank (60 secs)
-Imp Walkers

*Q-School Time*

4 of the 6 Pax members drew workout cards from hat (No-See-Um & No-Ski just along for the ride).

FNG/Jobs jumped right into the action and drew workout #1.

Jobs read out the Five Core Principles of F3 and then got after it.

Pain Station #1: FNG (Jobs) with the Q!

Cinder Blocks – partner up!
-Lutz Shuffle……back to back & passing block x20.

All of following done with Cinder Block except the run.
P1 run to Hill and back while P2 does:
-Curls (amrap) then switch.
P1 run to hill while P2 does:
-Squats (amrap) then switch.
P1 runs to hill while P2 does
– Overhead Press amrap

Pain Station #2: Dillio with the Q and read some Lexicon to the Pax.

Candor: Graciously telling the hard truth and demanding to hear it from others.

The Hill – partner up!
-P1 – 5 Burpees then top of hill and 10 Monkey Humpers….then back down while P2 does Lunges (amrap) with coupon…..then switch!

-Then P1 – 10 Burpees then top of hill and 20 MH’S…while P2 does Shoulder Taps during Burpees and Then Air Square during MH’s!

Pain Station #3: Sea Bass with the Q and read some more Lexicon to the Pax.

DAILY RED PILL: The Q’s daily Commitment to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Abbr: DRP.

The Wall (this one proved to be an insect filled station).
Balls to wall for 30 seconds!

*Bartman did his Balls To Wall in an ant mound, but didn’t let it phase him one bit!

– Mosey to playground and up to first level (this is where YHC was popped by a Wasp making it known whose playground we were exercising on…..damn that sucker hurt!) then back to Wall for:
– 20 Donkey Kicks
– 20 Wall Taps
– Mosey back to playground and around this time then back to wall
– Balls to Wall for 30 secs.

Pain Station #4: Bartman with the Q!

Pavilion Work:
– 200’s with Step-Ups, Box Jumps, Derkins, Dips. 1st to round….25 each to 100. Then any combo to get to 100 to reach 200 total!

*Not gonna lie, this was a struggle to get through for all the Pax (except for No-Ski who we believe might be a cyborg or something extra terrestrial!). YHC contemplated what would make the pain go away here…..Spilling Merlot or just passing out).

-Partner up again and P1 – Legs to Heaven X10 while P2 does Irkins (amrap) and then switch.

Grab all coupons and mosey back to Old Glory.

Total Distance: 1.40 miles
Total Merkins: 103


• Still thinking/praying for DBA and hope he gets back out soon.
• Prayers for Susan (Down Under’s friend battling stage 4 cancer).
• Prayers for Dillio’s friend/co-worker who has MS
• Prayers for Sea Bass’s wife’s uncle with brain tumor and operation soon to come.

-Great job by all Pax today pushing each other and YHC needed a lot of it! Big shout out to Jobs (FNG and No-Ski’s cousin) as he held his own and battled through this tough beatdown!

-Coffeeteria and Pool Time after was great time! Advantage of Florida living….thanks No-Ski for bringing giant coffee maker again.

-YHC very grateful for the Pax of F3Lutz and how we’ve grown. We want more quantity for sure but the quality/hard work of this Pax shows! Thinking of those not with us and/or fartsacking…..get yo butts back out here. You’re missing out!!