B L I M P S in the Moonlight at #TheRanch

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: no-ski, no-see-um, dba, bartman, dillio, notoriousnyc

YHC on Q today. Nice morning to start us off, but humidity was back in action. That didn’t stop the men of Lutz from getting work done. Flag was planted, disclaimer was given. @bartman representing today with EH’ed FNG NotoriousNYC. Great to meet you!

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The Thang;

At BB courts warmup;

All IC (12)

  • SSH
  • Imp Walkers
  • Frankenstein’s
  • Windmills
  • Cotton Pickers

Mosey to roundabout;

Aiken Legs with Aiken Chest OYO;

  • (x20) Squats
  • (x20) Merkins
  • (x20) Curb Jumps
  • (x20) Merkins
  • (x20) Lunges (10 each leg)
  • (x20) Merkins
  • (x20) Split Jacks (10 each leg)
  • (x20) Merkins
  • (x20) Pulse Squats
  • (x20) Merkins

Mosey to Sunlake Blvd. with LB3 in tow; Stop along and B L I M P S in the Moonlight; EC with a coupon OYO; Mosey in between stops;

Stop 1

  • 5 B-urpees
  • 10 L-unges
  • 15 I-mperial Walkers
  • 20 M-erkins
  • 25 P-lank Jacks
  • 30 S-quats

Stop 2

  • All PAX Plank while 1 PAX does 10 abdominal wheelies; Keep plank till last PAX is done;

Stop 3

  • 5 B-ig Boy Sit-ups
  • 10 L-egs to Heaven
  • 15 I-rkins
  • 20 M-ountain Climbers
  • 25 P-ulse Squats
  • 30 S-weat Angels

Stop 4

  • All PAX Plank while 1 PAX does 10 abdominal wheelies; Keep plank till last PAX is done;

Mosey back to BB courts as time was winding down; Stop along for some Air Square as PAX was lagging behind a bit;

  • Bear Crawl across BB court
  • Crawl Bear back to starting point

Total Distance: 1.37 mil


  • Thanked for the lower than expected damage from Irma
  • Prayed for those affected by the Irma with power loss, home damage, etc
  • Asked that @dillio get good info and counsel on his business thing that popped up
  • Asked for the elusive spark for the fartsackers


  • Great job by @bartman on getting a FNG NotoriousNYC to post with us today, he rocked it through the whole beatdown
  • YHC is always trying to push the beatdowns and looks like the PAX is handling it really well, super proud of men of Lutz
  •  Trying to get back to normal after the Irma thing