Burpee Day (Burpees in the House!)

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-Ski, Discount Doublecheck, Bartman, DBA, Dillio, No-See-Um

It was great for YHC to be back at #TheRanch and was ready to lay a beatdown on the fellas. Now, YHC may be hurting tomorrow but being out for the last three #downpainments means ya gotta jump right back in the mix. A sweat-fest ensued and let’s get to it.

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Warm Up:
Mosey around the dog park and back to BB courts.
-Arm Circles

Two groups of 3……for a little Burpee circuit:

At BB court all do 5 regular Burpees.
-Then Station 1 (square area)…everyone does 1 Burpee at start together and 1 at end before leaving.

1. 15 Concrete Block (kettle bell style) swings
2. Block squats (amrap)
3. Plank

Other group goes to Station 2 (Other BB court)…..everyone does 1 burpee before and 1 at end before moving on.

1. 15 Wall/Back Board Taps
2. Mountain Climbers (amrap)
3. Air Square

Groups flip flop after finished with their station.

All to Station 3 in P. Lot for Broad Jump Burpees down and back (approx. 30 yards apart)!

Then back to BB courts for rinse and repeat with some changes.

All do 5 Twister Burpees at main BB court then same at station 1 & 2! Except no Burpees at either but finish with 50 LBC’s after Station 1 complete and 50 Flutter Kicks after Station 2 complete.

Station 3 is Lateral Burpees 10 total!

Mosey to big roundabout for some quick Mary action.
Box Cutters, Dolly’s, Rosalita’s, Dying Cockroaches, Plank hold for 10 seconds per man.

Some guys like to count slower than others (i.e. No-Ski…..that son of a @#$#@)!

Mosey back to BB courts for one more round of………
Superman Burpees x5!

Great job by all today and we should all sleep like babies tonight after that beatdown……..YHC certainly will!

Awesome to see the group grow like it has and looking forward to many more great things to come here at #TheRanch!!

Approx. 45-50 Burpees done by all today!


-Asked God to be with all those in Puerto Rico and especially No-Ski’s family who they still haven’t heard from. Prayed for strength and comfort for all those in need.

-Prayers for Down-Under and Heisenberg and their families.


*Let’s all continue to EH for F3 Lutz and for the Tough Mudder that No-Ski, DBA, Bartman, Heisenberg and others are doing. Represent F3 Lutz well my brothers!