A Lighted Runway for the Doracides!

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-Ski, DBA, Dillio, Bartman, NotoriusNYC, Heisenberg, No-See-Um

7 Pax posted at #TheRanch on another glorious morning with conditions around 70 degrees but felt more like 68 if you ask YHC.


YHC told the pax there was going to be FUN had by all and I believe there was.  Went by in a flash because we stayed moving and was told the “Eye of the Tiger” had a little bit to do with it.  After Disclaimer was given and all props set up we got right to it.


Warm Up (All IC):

-Imperial Walkers

-Baby Arm Circles



-Monkey Squats

-Overhead Claps


The Thang:

To the courts for Ropes series with some jams!


The Pax rotated from stationary work to the Battle Ropes (2 sets of these with one being single arm and other double arm work).  Stationary work was Plank/Elbow Plank/Six Inches.  30 seconds per with 3 rounds total.  Approx. 11 minutes here!


Mosey to our Dead End Straightaway (DES) for Doracides:


Partner up (No-Ski/Dillio & DBA/No-See-Um/NotoriusNYC & Heisenberg/Bartman)

YHC had a brilliant plan for some lights purchased from Costco before the Hurricane that have gotten no use at all.  Placed them under flat cones and light ’em up like a perfect runway for the Pax to use.

3 sets of cones 10 yards apart P1 does suicides to each cone while doing 1 Burpee at first come, 2 Burpees at second , 3 Burpees at third while other partner doing designated exercises and then flapjack.  After three rounds of Doracides with Burpees we went to regular suicide runs to get all the exercises completed.


100 – OH Presses

200 – LBC’s

300 – Monkey Humpers

400 – Flutters


The Pax finished just in time to mosey back to the BB courts for Countarama & Nameorama!

YHC was supposed to be taking it easy before his big Spartan Super Race on Saturday but just couldn’t bring himself to let down the pax.  All pushed themselves to the end with only slight modifications.



-YHC recited the Five Core Principles of F3 and reminded the pax to share this with buddies when EH’ing them.

-Prayers for YHC for safe travels and a good healthy race on Saturday.

-Prayers for Down Under’s wife as she undergoes procedure.

-Prayers for all the guys doing the Tough Mudder in Bartow next week……..should be a great time and awesome 2nd F!