Hit Me Dealer Blackjack!!!

by | Oct 21, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: NotoriousNYC
PAX POSTED: NotoriousNYC,No-Ski, Bartman,Heisenberg,Dillio,DBA,Haka

The workout started at 7:30am sharp. Comfortable conditions for a beat down. We had one FNG so a quick disclaimer was read. Welcome Haka!

Warm ups(All IC x15)


Cotton Pickers

Imperial Walkers

Baby Arm Circles


The Thang:

4 Pax on BB Court for circuit training.

3 Pax  To mosey around the park

Each set 45 seconds. Pax to switch with each other. After two rounds on each set the other PAX to switch off with the mosey Pax and switch off.

Set #1 Battle ropes



Set #2 Repeat ropes

Cinder block shoulder press

Cinder block bicep curl

Set  #3 Repeat ropes

Flutter kicks

Freddy Mercuries

Set #4 Repeat ropes

Monkey Humpers


Mosey to dead end

1  Set of Blackjacks


Prayers for Vegas,California Wildfires, Hurricane Maria Victims, Heisenberg’s sister and Down Under’s sister


Great effort by all.  Seemed that everyone enjoyed the beatdown. The Blackjacks were tough as heck. I got them straight from the F3 website! (Thanks Guys!) So happy that we have Haka on board. He was a beast today on our workout!!!!