Gloomy dead end

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Back Blasts


9 PAX posted today at #TheRanch. The conditions could not have been better this am for a much needed beat down…too much birthday cake for YHC. Flag was posted and we did what we do best!

The Thang:

At BB court, warm-up.

  • SSH, IC x 15
  • Sumo Squat, IC x 15
  • Crab Humpers*, IC x 15
  • Little Baby Arm Circles, IC x 15
  • Double Merkin Burpee, OYO x 5

*The Crab Humpers needed a demonstration…YHC proceed with one as it was noted by @notoriousnyc that he did a lot of these this past weekend. Why exactly, we were not privy to.

We moseyed over to the gloomy dead end and partnered up.

Partner 1 perform each exercise denoted below as Partner 2 backpedals 50 yards, performs a “Bobby Hurley” & jogs back to continue the exercise from the count accumulated by Partner 1. This continued until the repetition count stated below was met.

  1. Burpees (150)
  2. Squats (300)
  3. Big Boy Sit-Ups (150)
  4. Crab Cakes (300)**
  5. Merkins (150)
  6. Imperial Walkers (300)

**I’m not certain, but I think this is the point where @castro splashed merlot. At least it looked and sounded like it. Need confirmation. Who gets the points for that? should be Team Billy for leading the Q that resulted in the merlot splashing.

This was a long one today with a lot of back and forth, literally, but we managed to finish on time! YHC is perfecting his time keeping skills. He now only needs to work on his Q cadence.


  • Thankful to be able to get up in the am to take a beating with the strong men on F3 Lutz.
  • Prayers for @castro and his family, as his aunt continues the fight against cancer. We hope she continues to stay strong!
  • Thoughts and prayers for @heisenberg as he continue the job hunt. Stay positive.


  • Welcome Back @grouper and @needles. Glad to have you guys back out!
  • T-Shirts – @no-see-um said the order is a go, but we will have to switch the grey shirts to black to meet the minimum order number. 
  • Don’t forget the second F this Thursday at  Glory Days, at 6:00pm.