The Partner Murph

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-Ski, Bartman, NotoriusNYC, Sparky, Grouper, Haka, Gump, DBA, Dillio, Heisenberg, No-See-Um

11 Pax were ready to go this am and YHC was also ready after a 20 minute jog with his 2.0 for his own warm-up.  Conditions were perfect with a clear sky and mid 60’s temperatures……..flag was planted and disclaimer was given.


The Warm-Up………after a quick mosey to the big roundabout we did some:


-SSH x15

-Imp. Walkers x15

-Cotton Pickers x10

-Windmills x10

-Baby Arm Circles x15


Now it was time to inform the Pax of our main workout today……….The Partner Murph (and the first time for F3 Lutz in its early stages to try this workout).


The Pax Partnered Up:

-1 Mile Run

Then 10 Rounds of:

-5 Pull Ups

-10 Merkins

-15 Squats

………..modify as needed.  However, super proud of the way the pax pushed themselves and there seemed to definitely be a sense of urgency among the group to push as hard as they could to finish Fast and Strong!!!

-Finished the Partner Murph with 1 mile run of course.


*Teams were pushing/encouraging each other hard and everyone did great………….especially since there was somewhat limited space for pull up bars on the LLR playground.


The Pax all planked until all teams finished at the pavilion.


Next we did one round of Balls to the Wall and Haka outlasted everyone!  The dude is a beast and we all need to challenge ourselves to best him in SOMETHING!


-Next we did a round of Wall Sits while each pax jogged around the mini-playground and then performed 10 Monkey Humpers out in front of everyone to critique!


Now time for 3 rounds of the following with partners:

-10 Step-Ups (per leg)

-10  Leg Raises (laying on benches)


Mosey back to courts for some Ring around the Pax Mary (or whatever you like to do)…….


Sweat Angels – No-Ski

Burpees – Haka

Plank (for awhile) – Bartman

Merkins x10 – NotoriusNYC

Am Hammers – DBA

Peter Parker’s – Heisenberg

Shoulder Taps – Gump

SSH x10 – Sparky

Dying Cockroaches – No-See-Um

Superman’s – Dillio

Merkins – Grouper



-Gump joining us from South Wake outside of Raleigh of represented well!  Prayers for his fellow pax Crablegs and his family!


-Prayers also for Peter who is friend of Heisenberg’s in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota battling cancer and also doing amazing job mentoring and working with troubled youth and teens.


-Praise for Heisenberg and a couple interviews he has had for a new job.  We’ll continue to pray and ask for guidance for Heisenberg through this time.


-Prayers for all the pax going through job transitions and uncertainty……..we should all lean on each other and trust in the Lord to lead us down the right path.



-YHC could not be prouder of the progress that F3 Lutz has made and so awesome to see so many men in the Lutz area benefiting from F3 and all that it has to offer.  Incredibly honored and beyond excited about what is in store of all of us in the future!