by | Dec 31, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: Miller Time
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, No-Ski, Frisbee, Sparky, Bartman, Dillio, Arson, NotoriusNYC, Miller Time, FNG (DNF), Heisenberg
What do you do after an 8 hour drive to Florida? Wake up, Ruck an hour and Guest Q at the local AO to a group of Pax you never met before. It’s all the same everywhere you go right? No exception in Lutz with a solid group of HIM who show up ready to work. After a quick intro session, off we went.
Mosey to dead end street
-Copperhead Squats
-Cotton Pickers
Mosey around small pond/conservation area and on to the Long Lake.
-Murpee Mile ….. cone up = 10 Burpees, cone down=Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Diamonds (alternating)
Back to FOP for a set of DAWGS with field run to cones and back between each set (20 reps per exercise)
D – donkey kicks
A – alternating Merkin Shoulder Taps
W – windshield wipers
G – gorilla Humpers
S – sky Squats
To middle of FOP for some Seal Sit Ups and YHC decides first round would be predicted score of the Sooners (20) and second round was Them DAWGS score (24)!!!
Back to pavilion for three sets of bBTTW (Balls to the Wall)/People’s Chair with Partner. 2 60 second rounds and last being 30 seconds.
To swing sets for Partner A doing 20 Swerkins and Partner B doing Burpees amrap. Then Flapjack….
Second set was 10 Swerkins.
FOP for Mary
-Six inches
-T Bombs
Praise for No-See-Um and Bartman who have been blessed with great opportunities with work.
Discussion of pushing past your comfort zone in 2018. Pick an event and force yourself to train harder.
YHC impressed with the commitment of these men to grow their AO.
Never seen a FNG quit and leave before the end of their first beatdown. Well it happened. DNF. If he does come back it will be an easy naming.
Thanks to the LuTz Pax. It was an honor. Even got the honorary Lutz shirt. Till next time.