Grouper VQ

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: Haka, No-Ski, NotoriousNYC, DBA, Dillio, Dwn-Unda

Rainy but warm conditions at the Ranch on this Tuesday in the mid 60s.

The cast (Warm Up)
Mosey to traffic circle
Side straddle hop in cadence x 15
Baby Arms circles in cadence x 15
Reverse baby arm circles in cadence x 15
Shoulder taps x15
Merkins x 30

The Hook and Battle (Amp Up / Uptempo)
Indian Run to Sunlake
Partner up- one partner start w exercise and the other jogging to 3rd light post and back (start at 1st light post):

200 merkins
150 squats
100 burpees
150 lunges
200 mountain climbers
Plank until all finished

Reel In (Cool Down)
Mosey back to basketball courts.
7 PAX finish by choosing one exercise each: LBCs, Freddie Mercury’s, American Hammers, Salute Planks, Diamond Merkins, Rotating Planks- each PAX 10 count, Box Cutters

Overall just over 3 Miles

Prayers for Dwn-Unda’s sister and family and continued prayers and support for Haka’s sister-in-law and family.