Who said 13 was an Un-Lucky #?

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, No-Ski, Haka, Dillio, NotoriusNYC, Castro, DBA, Grouper

Did we skip Spring & Summer?  48 degrees at #TheRanch this am as ole’ Florida can’t make up its mind what type of weather it wants to have around here??


YHC has been out for a week or so with work travel and then a little case of head cold/fever (or as the M likes to say….. “A Man-Cold”).


YHC got things started right away with:

-13 Merkins (OYO)….hold plank then 13 more Merkins!



Then we moseyed to roundabout for the first round of our Warm Up: (All IC)


Plank Salutes x13 (or as No-Ski said should have been called Pint Salutes this week for St. Patty’s Day Week)

Merkins x13

Plank Jacks x13

Mtn Climbers x13


*Wow, YHC was sucking wind here and barely able to keep up the cadence count!


Mosey back towards the courts for warm-up #2:


SSH x13

Rainbow Kicks x10 (OYO)

Hillbillies x13

Merkins x13


If the pax couldn’t tell that part of the theme today was “Merkin-heavy”, they did after we dropped here and did a set of Mucho Chesto x13!  Burn baby burn…………😊



Who didn’t love Lucky Charms as a kid (or even now)?


Lucky Charms (Coupons) Time:  All performed with Block of your choice.


-5 Burpees

-10 Leprechaun Lunges (ea. leg)

-15 Pot of Gold Squats

-20 Curls

-25 OH Presses


Then back down the ladder……


-20 Curls

-15 Pot of Gold Squats

-10 Leprechaun Lunges

-5 Burpees


*Haka liked this part of workout and commented on them being ‘man-makers’!


Partner Up:


Dora 1-2-3


-Merkins 150

-American Hammers 200

-Monkey Humpers 300

*Burnout city here but all pax pushed and fought their way to the end!



St. Patty Cake Merkins….


-Patty cake then Merkin x10

-25 LBC (OYO)


-Patty cake then Merkin x15

-25 Flutters (OYO)


Patty Cake/Merkin x20

-25 Dying Cockroach’s



Mosey around tennis courts to give our chest/shoulders a break.


YHC had a goal of 299 merkins on the morning and b/c of time we were just shy by 46 merkins.  So with approx. two minutes left all pax dropped and knocked out the last remaining 46….then of course Haka didn’t like that number so we all did 4 more to make it 303!!!



-Pot Luck 2nd F dinner – Saturday, March 24 @ 6:00 pm at the LLR Pavillion.  Check Slack for what to bring and follow DBA’s lead.


-Lots of travel plans for Pax at end of week with Pasco County spring break beginning on Friday.  Everyone be safe!