Aiken Legs at #TheRanch

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: no-ski, no-see-um, haka, dba, dillio, grouper, bada bing

7 PAX posted for today’s beatdown by YHC. We had a guest visit from Bada Bing. Representing F3 Jacksonville. @no-see-um was the official Uber driver of F3Lutz this morning. Thanks for picking Bada Bing up and then dropping him off to his hotel.

The weather was just right for Florida temps. The flag was planted, the disclaimer was given, men of F3Lutz went to work.

Image Rights Bada Bing.

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Achilles filling better, so time to start off with a…

Mosey to the nearest roundabout.

All IC

  • SSH x15
  • Baby Arm Circles x10 /reverse
  • Windmills x10
  • Squats with Toe Kicks x15

Mosey to another roundabout.

  • Inch Worms OYO x10
  • Merkins IC x15
  • Shoulder Taps IC x15
  • Mountain Climbers IC x15
  • Burpees OYO x10

Mosey towards Sunlake Blvd and make a right. Heading north towards 54.

First stop, all PAX in plank position about 5 to 6 feet apart forming a line. Time to do some Bear Crawl, Snake edition. Last PAX Bear Crawls between the other PAX (weaving in and out) who are in plank. Once in front, plank up and let the next PAX in line do the same. Continue till all PAX had a turn.

YHC called out the next exercise. Same principle, but this time Crab Walk Snake between the planked PAX.

Rinse and repeat one more time with Bear Crawl Snake, Crab Walk Snake for a total of 2 rounds each.

Before continuing on with some more Mosey, time for:

  • Merkins OYO x25
  • LBC’s OYO x25

Mosey some more.

Next stop, Aiken Legs. All OYO.

  • Squats x20
  • Lunges x20
  • Jump Squats x20
  • Split Jacks x20

Rinse/Repeat for another round. At this time it’s J E L L O time on the legs, but YHC wanted to give the PAX one more round of leg pain. Time to circle up and do some…

  • Howling Monkeys (Circle up. Each PAX hold ankles. P1 perform Monkey Humpers x20. Then go clockwise, or counterclockwise around the PAX. Don’t let go of your ankles till last PAX does his set.)

Before moving on…

  • Merkins OYO x25
  • Flutter Kicks x50 (x25 per leg)

Indian Run towards BB courts.

Next stop.

  • Burpee Dans (start at a light post and do x2 Burpees, x4 Lunges towards the next light post. Continue on till you get to the other light post. Halfway through YHC switched it to x4 Burpees, x4 Lunges.)

As always when you are having fun, time escapes. We were now short on minutes and YHC had to give up on few more pain-inducing exercises and deliver us to the BB courts on time.

  • Indian Run back to BB courts, but this time with a bit more urgency

At BB courts 1 minute past the 45-minute mark. Not bad!

Total Distance: 2.05 Mil


  • Prayers for the PAX and the families. We know each of us is going through something. May we find answers and find peace as we deal with our own struggles. Remember we are here for each other.
  • Prayers and thanks for Bada Bing as he travels back to JAX sometime this week. Always a great thing to have other F3 brothers visiting in our neck of the woods.
  • Let’s continue to be strong leaders in our homes, work, and neighborhoods.


  • Another fun morning at #TheRanch. Our numbers have gone down a bit, but we are on a mission to replenish for those that are moving on.
  • The 5k run is coming up. Join us. More info on Slack.
  • We have 1 or 2 Freed to Lead books available for reading, just let us know when ready to give it a once over.