Just the 4 of us!

by | Apr 7, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: NotoriousNYC
PAX POSTED: Grouper,Dillio,DBA,NotoriousNYC

Just 4 pax posted for today’s beat down.¬† It was a beautiful morning that was perfect for a great work out. All 4 of us are experienced veterans so we went straight to work.

Warm ups: All 10 counts IC

Side Straddle Hops

Imperial Walkers

Cotton Pickers

Baby Arm Circles

The Thang:

10 Burpees at the BB courts

Mosey to the lake. At the lake we stopped for the following exercises.

4x 10 Burpees total 40

3x 20 Merkins total 60

At the dock

60 Dips

40 Irkins

Mosey back out to the parking lot and ran to Fox Grape Loop to Pampass Grass Ln to Weather Vane Ln. Stopped at my house.

30 Over Head Presses w/ weights

20 Tricep Presses with weights

30 Curls with weights

30 Squats with weights

30 lunges with weights

30 Monkey Humpers

Run around block back to my house

Rinse and repeat of ABOVE.

Run To Pampass Grass  Lane down to Fox Grape Loop. Run to Mulhy Grass Lane to Fox Grape loop and then run back to BB courts

2 sets of Bruce Lee’s consisting of the following:

20 Flutter kicks per leg

20 Leg raises

20 American Hammers per side

20 Dying Cockroaches per leg

20 LBC’s

20 Freddy Mercuries per leg

Then we did the following:


20 Groiners

20 Plank Jacks

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Crab Cakes

1 set of crowd pleasers. 1 to 1 groiners to merkins up to 6 to 6 and then down to 1 to 1.

Run around dog park and tennis courts and back to BB courts


Prayers for the men that made it out there today, prayers for the members that are travelling, family sickness, and anything that was on the Pax minds but was not expressed


Fun workout today. We got a lot in. Q was feeling great this morning. We got a lot of running in. We also had the option of bringing our own music to the workout. Tons of fun. DBA had some chest pains when he showed up today for the workout. However after a little while the pain left his body and he really pushed himself today. Dillio looked like he really had a good workout and he even got a bottle of water from my garage. How is that for service?!!!!!! Grouper just doing what Grouper does. He is really pushing himself and he pushes others to be their best as well! So proud of all the men today!!!