Kale Muffins kept them away…..

by | May 5, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-Ski, Grouper, No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, No-Ski, Grouper, Red Card, Endo, Sponge Bob, Smash, DC, Wonderbell, Nailtastic, Hundy, Bean Town, Splash, Default (FNG)

Better late than never………..


14 pax posted Saturday for a 2.0 beatdown………..Dillio and his 2.0 arrived towards the end and got in on some of the ladder action.


Haka’s 2.0 put up a fight and didn’t want to participate but they were there.  I personally think his 2.0 was protesting the Kale Muffins Haka brought for everyone to enjoy 🙂


So technically we 18 total at the end of the workout!



This was a three man Q and here’s a synopsis of what went down.


No-See-Um started us off by having the dads form a big circle with 2.0’s inside of us with a smaller circle………all around the flag.  2.0’s led us in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.


Warm-up…..No-Ski took the reigns and had us do multiple exercises such as SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Merkins and others.  One thing that was definitely fun for all was the alternating side shuffles around the circle with Burpees mixed in.  2.0’s went clockwise and dads went counter-clockwise and on No-Ski’s command we all dropped for a burpee!  Great stuff!


Once we had a good lather going No-See-Um took us for a stroll through the FOP and around the swing sets/boulders and back to the pavilion for some Step-Ups, Dips, Irkins (2 sets of those).  Next we found a wall and each pax ran around sidewalk and back to center of pavilion and did 10 Squats in front of everyone.  Quads were burning good after this!


Grouper moseyed us back to the FOP for some cone to cone action.  First was a 2.0 carry with Merkins at the other end and then back to starting cone with some Lunges.  Rinse & Repeat!  There were some more exercises by Grouper for sure……but just can’t remember them.  No-Ski took over again with some Bear Crawls down and back, Crab Walks down and back…….with various pain exercises delivered at each cone on each end.  Kicker was the dads with ruck sacks had a little extra weight to carry on those LONG Bear Crawls and Crab Walks.  No-See-Um took over again with a little over & under relay…..split into two teams and lined up all the way down on the FOP.  First set was last pax started sprinting and jumped over each pax who were all in plank…….once last pax passed you then you got up and followed.  Team 1 won the Over contest and Team 2 won the Under contest.  Those 2.0’s did great job here and also amazing to see the dads get real skinny to fit under those tiny 2.0 bodies on the Under portion!


Next we did some ladder action like we were back on the high school football practice field.  Dillio’s 2.0 was a big fan of this and giggling up a storm!  We finished off the morning exercises with a little Thunder & Lightning by Imagine Dragons while circled up around the flag.  Thunder=jump high in air and Lightning=squats.  No-Ski then took us out with 3 minutes of Mary including various work but not excluding his favorite Sweat Angels.



-Great to see all the 2.0’s and dads out & really great fellowship.


-Prayers for all our families & 2.0’s here at F3 Lutz.




-Great job by all today and lots of fun with the 2.0’s  Amazing the energy they have even after an hour workout.


-All enjoyed the pool, coffee, donuts, munchins, fruit, etc………..oh and I think one of those muffins got eaten!  Hahaha!