don’t drop it! or else!

by | May 12, 2018 | Back Blasts

PAX POSTED: No-see-um, Dillio, Endo, No-ski, Vanellope, DBA,

What a beautiful day in the gloom this am. Men showed up ready to give it their all today. They knew YHC was out of town and would be giving them a run for their money! Even had an FNG, welcome @Vanellope. Flag was planed and men went to work after a brief disclaimer.

Warm up:

Egyptian x 10 IC

Lunge Twist x 10 IC

Inchworms x 10 OYO

Hugs – x 20 OYO

Sit Through – x 10 IC

Sumo Squat x 10 OYO

Split Jacks for Max Height – 10 sec ON, 20 sec OFF. x 6 rounds.

Men were warm after this. Coupons and ruck sacks were gathered and then we proceeded to the dead end.

At the dead end instructions were given to grab your ruck sacks and at no point was it to touch the ground or there would be severe consequences.  Men complied.

Run with ruck sack down to other end to the cross walk and then jog back.

Once all PAX back we did the following Tabata (20sec ON, 10sec OFF x 8 rounds)

Shoulder to Shoulder push press

Run with ruck sack down to other end to the cross walk and then jog back.

Squat with ruck sack Tabata

Run with ruck sack down to other end to the cross walk and then jog back.

Crunches with ruck sack in chest

Then we did an indian run with the ruck sacks back to the basketball courts. Men were told that it was now safe to drop the ruck sacks. YHC could hear the sense of relief, if they only knew what the consequence would have been. Ehh I’ll save that one for a rainy day. =)

Back at the courts…

Prison Burps starting at 21 alternating the following exercises:

Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Leg raises, Salute Planks.

@dba came up to YHC and proceeded to explain what a great workout he had. My response. “its not over yet, we have 8 minutes!”

so we did the following:

Plank 40 sec, rest 20 sec, Sit through 40 sec, rest 20 sec. x 4 rounds.


YHC tried to compete with @no-see-um to see who could ring out the most from their shirt. I lost. I still dont understand why he squeezes it into his mouth. Weird.


YHC thanked the men of f3lutz for being supportive of me and my family at this time. Please keep my sister-in-law and family in your thoughts and prayers.

Great men, great fellowship, good feeling to be surrounded by men who make a difference.

Great job today, @vanellope. Hope to see you back at it with us in the future.