Harvested Burpees out of Trees

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: dba
PAX POSTED: Haka, Grouper, Vanellope, Dillio, dba

Flag is planted and boys are ready to flush out 4th July BBQ and Beers. Coach Haka and Grouper were eager to be beaten up. Dillio is way ahead of his normal clock. Vanellope did not want to lower the pax count for the beatdown making sure dba won’t fartsack on Saturday’s VQ.

Without wasting anytime we started at 5:30

Groiners – 10 OYO

Mosey to the round about
– Wind Mills 12 in Cadence
– Frankenstein 15 in Cadence
– SSH 20 in Cadence
– Knee squat (feet and knee together, hands on knee) – 10 OYO

Indian run to the east side of the Lake

– 1st Set of BruceLee

– Run around the lake (anti-clockwise) to the dock
– Every tree on the left of the trail is 2 Burpees. 3 trees together = 6 Burpees
– 2nd set of BruceLee at the starting of the Bridge

Considering the time Burpees per tree is changed to 1 from 2. So each tree is a Burpee

– 3rd set of BruceLee at the West gate of the lake
– Run along with Burpees all the way to the dock

– 4th set of BruceLee at the dock

Early finishers did step-ups on the dock to catch up with remaining folks.

Mosey back to the Basket Ball Court.

Merkins for the last remaining 45 seconds.

Total count of Burpees are on the Fartsackers 🙂

COT: Prayers for Haka and his family, Bartman’s Dad, Everyone who are going through tough time in their life and to those who could not make to the beatdown this morning.