VQ Birthday Beatdown

by | Jul 7, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Vanellope
PAX POSTED: DBA, Dillio, Endo, Grouper, Haka, Needles, no-see-um, no-ski, NotoriousNYC, Vanellope

Double digit PAX showed up for this beautiful morning at the Ranch. All the rain and thunderstorms from overnight cleared up just in time for VQ beatdown. YHC brought the pain on his birthday and dished out a full body workout.

Flag was planted and quick disclaimer was given as a VQ.


Warm up

-SSH-IC-X20 (YHC forgot to start counting until about 5-6 reps, VQ problems i guess…)


-Baby Arm Circles-IC-X10 (forward/reverse)

-Air Presses-IC-X20




Full Body Beatdown

@ BB Courts

-Starting at the baseline X25 Merkins, bear crawl to opposite side X25 Merkins, bear crawl back to baseline X25 Merkins.                      -2nd half- Merkins replaced with squats and bear crawls with duck walk. (X3 Rounds, repetitions decreased by 5 for each round)

Recover (Walk to mailbox brick wall)

-Dips-OYO-X25 while the other half of the PAX did Big boy Sit ups-OYO-X25 (Switched/repeated X2)

-Mosey to playground for much needed pull-ups. A lot of moaning and groaning was heard here.

-Pull ups-OYO-X10 (5 Rounds, with partners for spotting) Great Job Haka for getting squats in at the same time with Dillio on your shoulders. NotoriousNYC way to get that last round in even after being burnt out. Good thing no-ski is not moving this weekend. N0-see-um and Grouper were helping lift each others arms up to grab the bar. And Endo’s big ass in your YHC face while spotting him. Good times


-Mosey to Dead end

-Baseballs were set out as cones about 10 yards apart and ready for 10 minutes of suicides. Followed by:

1st Round -Merkins-X25

2nd Round -LBC’s-X25

3rd Round -Squats-X25

4th Round -SSH-X25

– No-ski and Endo gave your YHC a great idea, so a audible was made for the last minute. All PAX lined up the at starting line, on my go we had a race. A little competition always helps push the PAX thru fatigue. I believe no-see-um took home the victory.

-Mosey to BB courts


-Bruce Lee’s

With 2 minutes remaining Endo had a surprise for YHC. Busting out a speaker and the “Birthday Song”. Everytime the word birthday was mentioned all PAX had to do a merkin. I counted 53 unofficially. Thanks Endo          

Beatdown Complete



-Prayers for Rockwell and the battle he’s fighting

-Haka and his family

-No-see-um’s M and the struggles she’s having and also the family friend who had the horrible accident

-DBA’s mother

-No-ski and the stress of moving