Fiery Aiken Legs

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Needles
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, Endo, DBA, Grouper, Needles

5 PAX posted this morning in the doom and gloom of a mid Florida summer. All of the PAX brought the requested extra credit rucksacks and YHC was pleased. YHC had a very large chip on his shoulder from the day before and wanted to distribute as much pain as possible to his brothers. The flag was planted and a short disclaimer given to the veteran PAX. All rucks were left in the center of the BB court.




Baby Arm Circles (IC) X 10

Reverse Baby Arm Circles (IC) X 10

Merkins (IC) X 10

Burpees (OYO) X 10


The Soup:


Mosey to circle on Daggerwing. In a half circle formation Aiken Legs


Squats X 20

Lunges X 20 *10 per leg

Jump Squats X 20

Split Jacks X 20


Immediately Indian Snake Run (Indian run but weaving between line runners to get to the front) to the nature trail boardwalk.


The Salad:


Step-Squats on boardwalk. 1 step up then 1 squat, 2 step ups then 2 squats, 3 step ups and 3 squats and so on for 3 mins straight.


No rest for those legs as we immediately mosey from boardwalk to Daggerwing circle again for another set of Aiken Legs!


Squats X 20

Lunges X 20 *10 per leg

Jump Squats X 20

Split Jacks X 20


The Steak:


Mosey back to BB court and explained the circuit to the PAX. After explanation many groans were released into the thick atmosphere as PAX was instructed to don their rucks for the circuit. YHC was all smiles. All exercises were done for 60 seconds straight and the only 10 second rest periods were given when switching stations.


Shoulder Press with 30lb concrete slab

Knees to Standing (start on your knees and just stand up and repeat)

American Hammer with 15lb DB

35lb Kettle Bell swing

Release Merkins (when chest hits the floor release hands from floor then continue merkin)

Farmer Walks 25lb DBs

Peter Parkers




PAX were instructed to go to the street and shed their rucks.


50 yard sprint ending in 10 sphinx merkins (these things are the devil) X 2


Back on the BB courts YHC winded down the workout with this:


Burpees (OYO) X 15

Aiken Legs

Superstars (OYO) X 10 *from a ball position jump up and look like a star

Merkins for 60 seconds




Prayers for Endo’s M as she is preparing to go to the doctor to get results from a recent medical issue.


Prayers for Dillio and a quick recovery.


Prayers for Rockwell and Haka’s sister-in-law and both their families




Next Q will most likely be a split because of recent events in a lot of our lives.


Keep an eye out on Slack for info on GoRuck events and other extracurricular CSAUP.


Also keep an eye out on some new nutrition posts coming soon.