Lucky Number 13

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Haka
PAX POSTED: No-ski, Grouper, DBA, Endo, Vanellope, No-See-Um, Halftime, Rockwell, Nitrous, Needles, Flat Tire, Duracell

Great morning for a sweatfest in the Gloom with 13PAX! YHC was surprised how many men were early today. Flag was planted and men went straight to work at 5:30am. Welcome back @halftime and @duracell visiting from NOLA.


hip opening mtn climbers IC

monkey squat OYO

inch worm OYO

peter parker peter IC

The Thang:

At the Bball courts we performed the following:

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 – Burpee & Flutter Kicks

Once finished men lined up in the parking lot to complete the following:

10 x 3 reps each (Merkins, BBS, Squat) then run around tennis courts back to start

YHC asked the men if they wanted the good news or the bad news…the asked for the bad news and of course we were going to do it again but with different exercises (good news).

So thats what we did but with Carolina Dry Docks, Lunges, and Peter Parkers.

Up next was some indian runs, we had to double the lines with 13 pax. PAX were instructed to push the pace since we were going to be stopping every minute.

Fast Pace Indian Run x 1 min

Al Gore x 1 min

We repeated this sequence 4 times and finished at the Bball courts. We had 4 minutes left so YHC gave quick instructions for the finisher…no name for exercise routine identified but YHC is open to suggestions.

The slam ball was place in the middle of a large COP, all PAX were to SSH in cadence, each PAX was to run to the middle and perform 5 overhead slam balls and then back pedal to his spot which would trigger the next PAX to run to the middle for Slam Balls…this was repeated one time around the circle. We landed at exactly 100 SSH at exactly 6:15. It was meant to be.

Great effort by all men today. We are here to push ourselves and each other, this is the only way we will get better.


Prayers for @Endo’s M and his family as they work through this difficult time

Prayers with all men dealing with anything they are dealing with and wish not to share



Lakewood Ranch Q Aug 11th, see slack for details

CSAUP GoRuck Tough Challenge event scheduled for 9/21, and the 50 mile GoRuck star course scheduled for 11/9. Get signed up.

Challenge: stay tuned, there will be something announced for an Aug challenge.