Blocks, blood and run

by | Aug 11, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Sponger bob
PAX POSTED: mr clean, endo, vanellope, flat tire

Workout total 2mi and 200 merkins

8.11 Blocks n blood


IC Baby arm circles

Merkins x25

Side to side side straddle hops across bb court,  threw in a challenge of Forward and back SSH which the pax took on

Merkins x25

Squats. YHC was having trouble with cadence here so we went straight into the next workout…

Dry docks and repeat

Mosey towards the straightaway, walking lunges on the way

Truck push about quarter mile

Grab the blocks
power clean from ground to overhead, and then
Overhead presses, followed by

Repeat x2

to the field

Toss blocks, about 40 yds down and back
Then. Left, mid, right merkins x20 total


Mosey to shell path, wash hands at dock

Indian run reversed, front man picks a moving workout then moves to rear



something else… YHC couldn’t see or read his phone thru the sweat so no notes from here on
Walking lunges

side shuffles
Side straddle hops

frog jumps

side to side hops

duck walk

shadow boxing while jogging

sprint/Walk per House

back pedal jog

made it back to dead end

did some mary, box cutters, freddie mercury, wipers, silent 21 SSHs without error, x5 burpees with a spectator laughing us on


Slowsey and rosey (backwards slowsey) back to base with a 45-60 second plank and done

COT thanking the good man above for our blessings and asking for answers we need.