Roasted Pig

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: NotoriousNYC
PAX POSTED: Flat Tire, Apnea,Haka,Needles,Endo,Vanellope,DBA,Key West,No See Um,No Ski,Grouper, Sponge Bob,Notoriousnyc

13 Pax posted on this beautiful morning. The flag was planted and it was warm up oyo. The Q read the core principals of F3. Since we had an ambitious workout planned we went straight to work.

The Thang:

Line up in the parking lot and did the Tammy Wynette as a group.

10 Merkins and 10 squats per set. 10 sets performed

Totals :100 merkins and 100 Squats

Mosey to Sunlake Blvd

We did 2 sets of a exercise that I call the “Roasted Pig”

2 sets of Bruce Lee consisting of the following:

20 Flutter Kicks per leg

20 Leg Raises

20 American Hammers per side

20 Dying Cockroaches per side

20 Freddy Mercuries per side

20 LBC’s

In between each exercise we turned over into the Merkin position and did 10 Merkins

This action was like roasting  pig.

120 Merkins performed

So far that makes 220 Merkins completed.

Double line Indian Run up to the first entrance of the community.

30 Monkey Humpers

Then a set of Howling Monkeys

Set of Mucho Chesto consisting of the following

10 Merkins

10 Wide Merkins

10 off set Merkins

10 off set Merkins

10 Diamond Merkins

Total of 50 Merkins

Total tally of 270 Merkins performed to this point of the Q

Mosey to Fox tail entrance

20 Merkins

Total of 290 Merkins completed

Mosey to BB courts

10 more Merkins

Total of 300 Merkins performed.

Mosey around BB courts,dog park and tennis courts.

Total of 2 miles of mosey today.

Finished with 20 Seal Team Sit-Ups

COT: As always prayers for Michelle, prayers for Sponge Bob as he gets his construction business started, prayers for all the men that made it out.

Moleskin: All the men put in hard work today. Everyone pushed themselves. We had a goal of 2 miles mosey and 300 merkins and we were able to meet it.  We are quickly growing as a group. Fantastic things are happening with F3 Lutz. So glad to be a part of something that amazing!