Stations and mosey pain

by | Sep 1, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Haka
PAX POSTED: Sponge Bob, Vanellope, Endo, Buster, Linsanity, Apnea, Opa, DBA, Grouper, No-See-Um, Nomad, Flat Tire

Beautiful morning for a beatdown in the gloom. YHC knew the PAX needed a change of pace coming off of the miles/merkins challenge last month…stations and more stations! One FNG, welcome @Buster! And welcome back @Nomad! Flag was planted and we went to work.



Groiners x 15 OYO

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Frankensteins x 10 IC

Superman x 10 IC

Mosey around tennis courts


First Up was some Tabata (20sec work, 10 sec rest x 8) at the courts. We alternated the Split Jack and the Plank Jack. YHC heard some mumble chatter about being sore from the split jacks from @Grouper’s workout this past Thursday. Thats the exact response YHC was going for. Everyone seemed nice and warm after these so we went straight into the stations at the courts.

Stations 30 sec work, 30 sec rest, partner up. PAX 1 performing exercise while PAX 2 is either doing flutter kicks or SSH. Flip flop and rotate until all PAX have completed all stations.


Battle Rope

Slam Ball

Plate Thrusters

Sandbag front squat

LBFC (Little Baby Flutter Crunches)

Mountain Climbers.

Once all stations were complete, YHC told the pax to lay on their backs in the parking lot…on my count we were to get up and run a lap as fast as possible.

We did the stations and OYG lap 3 times. On the last lap, @no-see-um spotted a gentleman on the bball courts playing basketball…he was called over to run the last lap with us, he obliged. We ran our last lap and hit the basketball courts for:

Bermuda Triangle Burpees – 3 cones, PAX perform 1 Burpee at first cone, 2 at 2nd, 3 at 3rd…keep going up in Burpees until time runs out…


PAX was really pushing themselves today, many men pushing each other and themselves real hard. Great to see some new faces out there today!



Thankful for all the great men out today becoming better leaders and role models in our community.

Prayers for Michelle, not looking good but she continues to fight the battle everyday.


Appreciate everyone’s participation in the August challenge. It was a hard fought battle, looking at the score sheet its clear that many men were motivated! @flat tire crushed everyone in total points! Looking forward to his VQ next week. Everyone better be there to support him. We’ve been waiting a while for this!

Ended the day with some penalties that were a little overdue. @Endo was provided the shake weight, he knew exactly how it was done, not surprised.