A Roundabout Themed Sweat-Fest

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Haka, Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Apnea

Before writing up my BB for this morning’s beatdown, YHC heard the awful news of an F3 Alpha pax, Darth Visor, passing away this morning at a beatdown.  Darth was one of the original core pax when I joined F3 Alpha and posted for my very first workout at the Rubicon.  He literally always had a smile on his face and seemed to never meet a stranger.  He was one of those men that made you feel welcome and it almost felt like you had known him your whole life.  Just a few short months after joining F3, YHC actually had the opportunity to do the USMC Mud Run in Columbia, SC that is heavily attended by F3 men.  It was an awesome event with great Fitness, Fellowship and Faith and Darth Visor was one of the fine men that made up our four-man team.  One of Darth’s long-time friends actually put us up in his home right outside of Columbia the night before the event.


A great man that will surely be missed by his fellow F3 brethren and many others.  Just a reminder to all that life is precious and we should all live every day like it could be our last……just like Darth lived, with a smile on his face and having never met a stranger.




Now, here’s what went down at #TheRanch today:


After Disclaimer given YHC had a little different warm-up planned for the pax.


We began with our usual mosey around dog park but stopped at the corner for some SSH.  Then we continued to mosey around the loop (dog park and tennis courts) while stopping at each end and halfway points for Merkins, Mtn Climbers, Squats, Cotton Pickers, Imp Walkers, Monkey Squats and OH Claps.  We even made a quick stop inside the tennis courts for one warm-up since the gate was left open from the evening before.


Next, we split up into two groups……Group 1: YHC (No-See-Um), Endo, Apnea & Group 2: Haka, Grouper & Vanellope


Both roundabouts had a surprise green Masters cup with three pieces of paper inside for multiple exercises.


Exercises consisted of:


  1. 20 Monkey Humpers (OYO), Bear Crawl around roundabout, 10 Star Jacks (OYO)
  2. Lunges around roundabout then set of Mucho Chesto
  3. 20 shoulder Taps (IC), Duck Walk around roundabout, 10 Burpees (OYO)



Each Group alternated the roundabout they ran to and drew exercise sequence and ran back to start point when 1st round completed.  Once back to start point the group who finished first planked to wait on the other group to come in.  Now, as a whole the groups did some Mary in between their roundabout workout:


After 1st Round: Flutters, American Hammers, LBCs


After 2nd Round: Dying Cockroaches, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercurys


After 3rd Round: Dolly, Rosalita, Sweat Angels


YHC couldn’t get enough of the roundabouts and since we had more time left than anticipated………back to roundabout for some Ring Around the Rosey and Broad Jump Burpees.  Broad Jumps in between lines and one Burpee at each line.



Quick mosey over to wide sidewalk for Duck and Weave for two rounds through and then mosey rest of way to Sunlake.


Plank it up for 10 second count by each pax.


Now Crawl and weave back for two rounds through and then mosey rest of way back to BB courts.



5 MOM:

-Hold 6” for ten count from all pax

-Leg Raises

-Peter Parkers

-Salute Planks (Grouper)

-Sit Throughs (Endo)

-Shoulder Taps/Salute Planks………couldn’t make up his mind 😊 (by Vanellope)




-Haka shared some news that he and his M are going through and prayers being lifted up for the family.


-Prayers for Apnea and M as well for things going on in their lives currently.


-Major TAPs for the family of Darth Visor and all of F3 Alpha as mentioned at top of BB.