Groundhog Day Starring “Bend it Like Beckham”

by | Jan 12, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Malware
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Belding, No-Ski, Frisbee, Haka, Sanka, Vanellope, Endo, DBA, Malware

10 PAX posted to the VQ of YHC which was “affectionately” named Groundhog Day.

started promptly at 7:30 with a mosey to the roundabout Where the PAX was introduced to 2 new exercises which were included in the set of 10 dead lift squats (a squat with one leg up), 15 jump squats, 15 jump reversals (a lunge(1) jump(2) Switching(3) which way you were facing each time), 20 squat jacks (A side straddle hop in a squat position) and  20 (10 for each leg) speed skaters (a squat where one leg was extended behind).

The PAX discussed the form of some members describing them as traffic directors, and after the workout done on Thursday most of the PAX needed something to take their minds off their legs. Thankfully after a mosey back to the park we started on the ab portion of the workout.

Here the PAX was set to complete 20 forward and 20 backward Freddie Mercury’s, 80 (total) American Hammer’s, 20 LBCs, 20 BBS, and 20 balance lunges (a lunge with one leg set on a higher area).

YHC learned the proper way of moving between exercises here and was having difficulty using proper terminology before this point, referring to Freddie Mercury’s as bicycles. The PAX was in for a treat with the upper body part of the workout.

The set began with 30 mountain climbers, went into 15 Merkins, followed by 15 burpees, then another new exercise was brought in, the Jailhouse Burpee, a set of three Merkins, with one side peter parker before and after the middle merkin, then ending with a burpee. The PAX did 10 of these for the first set, then after 60 calf raises (in a position of their feet being out, forward, and in, 10 slow and 10 fast for each position) and 30 balance lunges the PAX moseyed a lap around the mailboxes and were back on the field.

The PAX had trouble with the jailhouse burpee, thinking that it was peter parkers then the burpee, but the issues were resolved. For the Mosey, Belding needed a bike to bring himself around the park.

Then the ab set was done again with half as many reps, but the PAX was given one new exercise, scissor kicks (a larger flutter kick to be done in cadence) of which there were ten. The upper body set was also repeated with half as many reps, and it was back to moseying around the park.

After the mosey the upper body set was repeated, and the fun could begin.

With the team of Apnea, Belding, Endo, Frisbee, and Sanka going up against the team of DBA, Haka, Malware, No-Ski, and Vanellope in a game of soccer where the prize was burpees, or at least less burpees than the losers had to do.

The PAX’s competitive nature was tested here as even DBA ran on “YMCA rules” and was boxing out the defenders. Belding played a good midfield and took a few shots on goal, Frisbee was “stuck” blocking shots from his brother, No-Ski, and Sanka and Apnea pushed on the goal. The scores for team ABEFS were done by Apnea, Belding, and Sanka. From team DHMNV, DBA was pushing the goal almost the entire game, and No-Ski, Haka, and Vanellope switch around on goal, with YHC playing a sweeper. The score ended as 5-3, and to show that we are one team, the PAX did 25 burpees.

There was a Surprise visit from No-See-Um, on a golf cart and there was a “Discussion” with him about it. The Beatdown ended with prayers for DBA and his dream to get his masters, Apnea’s sister and her fight against cancer, Frisbee as he tries to get into the army, and Haka’s soon-to-be son.