F300: Rise of an Empire

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Belding, Pork N Beans, Vanellope, No-See-Um, Murphy, DBA

With all veterans present, a quick disclaimer was given and we were off:



Murphy arrived just in time as PAX just started SSH IC (5 total)

Murphy jumped in and all PAX did 20 more SSH IC

Mosey towards main roundabout and as we passed the mailboxes, Pork N Beans arrived, jumped out of his car (leaving his stuff on the trunk) and straight into the beatdown.

Imperial Walkers X 16 IC

Frankensteins X 15 IC

Peter Parkers X 10 IC

Quick Rosey around the Roundabout starting with 5 Merkins then lunge to each line (5 Merkins per line).

Mosey back to the Courts for a quick drink of water and …


Spartan like workout was on the menu today. PAX would go through 4 battles before the beat down was complete.

Battle 1 (3 Sets of each combination OYO)

20 Jump Squats

15 Lunges (Per Leg)

20 Plank Jacks (Total)

Plank until all PAX were done


Legs were on fire by the end so we gave them a rest (sort of)


Battle 2 (3 Sets of each combination OYO)

12 Merkins with arm and leg raise (opposite) at the top

Merkin, Right arm and left leg up, Merkin, Left arm and right leg up was 2 reps

20 Plank Twists (Total, 10 per side)

Starting in plank rotate to one side, lift arm up, then back to plank, rotate to other side, lift other arm up,                      back to plank (2 reps)

30 LBCs

Quick drink of water then mosey to the playground for Battle 3


Battle 3 (3 Sets of each combination)

10 Elbow Plank to Merkins OYO

Start in elbow plank, go to high plank, merkin, back to elbow plank, repeat

25 Dips OYO

35 seconds of chin up holds (or reverse grip row holds on lower bars)

Chin ups were held by all at the same time while each PAX counted to 5 (35 seconds total)

Recover, slosey to the gate, and then mosey back to the courts where YHC had 4 minutes left


Final Battle

Tabata Burpees

YHC gave quick instructions and asked if anyone had questions before starting to which PAX replied, Why?

YHC didn’t have a good answer at the time but probably should have replied “This is F3”

The Tabata clock was started and we were off.

8 sets of AMRAP Burpees for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest

This took us right to the end of the beatdown.

Great job by all PAX powering through this spartan workout.



Thankful again for this great group of men and for everyone pushing and encouraging each other.

Prayers for Haka’s back to heal quickly

Prayers for Murphy and his M

Prayers for all those PAX that may be going through tough times and all those that couldn’t make it today.