Partnered Up

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Murphy
PAX POSTED: Murphy, Vanellope, dba, Hopper


Your YHC was 1 of 4 Pax in attendance this fine Saturday morning. Disclaimer was given and then we were of with the gloom’s activities.

Warmup: (ALL IC)
Mosey past tennis courts to East roundabout: (ALL IC)
• Windmill X 15
• Sprinkler X 15
• Flying sun gods sobriety style (AKA Nancy Kerrigans) X 15
• Sixty Second Arm Circles aka SSACs X 15
• Bone The Fish X 1

Mosey to amenity center next to field
Partner up time with 3 ROUNDS of the following exercises (ALL done for 1 minute):
• Low Plank Side Jumps
• Partner Leg Throw
• Sitting Leg Raises – Side Drills
• Bridge Dips
• Sit-up Partner Clap
Mosey to Basketball courts
Had short time so finished out by repping Merkins until time expired.

• Prayers for Vanellope’s wife through surgery; and his friend doing Chemo
• Continued praise for DBA for positive company review

New exercise Bridge Dips admittedly look a little strange. Great that we had an even number for the group workouts.