Is This a Regulation Hour??

by | May 11, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, Endo, Malware, DBA, Belding, No-See-Um


Gorgeous morning for a good ole-fashioned beatdown and 6 pax, including YHC, took the #DRP.  Welcome back to our man Endo who has taken a little hiatus for the last few months but posted this am as Vanellope was able to coax him out prior to a little paint ball birthday party. Guessing they needed a little warm-up action and YHC was happy to oblige.


Quick disclaimer and it was on!!!



-Imp Walkers x11

-OH Claps x11

-Merkins x11

-Peter Parker’s x11


Mosey to the FOP:

-High Knees, Butt Kicks, Karaoke, Sprints


Then Mosey to dock for some more warm-up:

-Squats x11

-Crab Cakes x11

-Step-Ups x20 total


On to the Pavilion for

-BTW x30 secs


-Donkey Kicks x20


-BTW with Salute Planks x11 (Oh boy, these looked so much easier when YHC saw a few 7-8 year old’s doing them at his daughters last gymnastics practice)


-Wall Taps x20



Burpee Mile:

-1 Burpee at every cross street passed.  The front runners (YHC, Vanellope, Endo and Malware) started doing 3 Burpees after a few streets in and planked for the six to catch up.


Now, back to the BB courts.


Series work:


5 – Merkins

11 – Lunges

19 – American Hammers

*Quick lap around 2nd court in front of mailboxes*


Then Immediately…..

5 – Diamonds

11 – Squats

19 – Dying Cockroaches

*Quick lap*



5 – Burpees

11 – Monkey Humpers

19 – Boxcutters

*Quick lap*


*Rinse & Repeat*



Hard 11’s including Split Jacks (on the odd #’s, starting at 11) and Burpees (on the even #’s, starting at 10).  Oh and did YHC mention the pax would be doing Duck Walks down and Bear Crawls back.


Mosey to the East Roundabout……….And this is about the time Endo made mention of this not feeling like a regulation hour and others agreed!!


Time for some shoulder burnout work.  “Grab a Curb Men!”

-4 sets of Merkin variations using the curb.

-11 Irkins

-11 Staggered to the right

-11 Dirkins

-11 Staggered to the left


Now time to really feel the burn.

-Baby Arm Circles x11 (both directions)

-OH Claps x11

-Air Presses x11

-Mo-Rockin’ Nightclubs x11



Ring around the Mary:

-Flutter Kicks (YHC)

-Freddie Mercuries (Vanellope)

-Sweat Angels (Endo)

-Reverse Bicycles (Malware)

-Box Cutters ?? (Belding……I believe this is right, but this is what happens when you post the BB at 10:30 pm on a Saturday night)

-Hip Thrusters (DBA)

-Six Inches (YHC)


Nameorama/COT combined this am and lots of greatness shared.


-Vanellope grateful for friends continued recovery as well as his M’s successful surgery and her fast recovery.


-Endo happy to be back and trying to live stress free from now on.  Work route has been tough for several months but moving past it.


-Malware is thankful for his mom and reminded us all to remember the wonderful mom’s in all our lives.


-Belding thankful for his children but is reminded daily of the struggle that comes with kids/family.


-DBA blessed to have work triumphs in last couple months as well as good news on son moving on to Kindergarten next year.


-YHC so thankful for F3 Lutz and the men who bust their humps to make it what it is.  Glad to see Endo back out as he is one of us and should always feel welcome!  Prayers for YHC’s dad and his knee/back problems.




2nd F cookout with 2.0’s and M’s – Next Saturday, May 18 @ 4:00 pm until ———