He’s SAFE!!!!

by | May 31, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Grouper, Apnea, No-See-Um, DBA, Endo, Wise Guy

Six #HIM had no problems taking the Daily Red Pill for the gloom beatdown brought to you by YHC.  One visitor from F3 Tallahassee, welcome Wise Guy, joined us for this morning’s activity.  YHC did throw out a little challenge to the Pax to see if a Double Digit Midget may make an appearance on this fine Thursday morning….25 Burpees was the offer but YHC could not stir up enough noise to get those fartsackers out of bed.


Flag planted and the men ready to get after it.


YHC highlighted the 5 Core Principles of F3:


-Open to all Men

-Held outdoor rain or shine, heat or cold

-Led in rotating fashion with no certification necessary

-Ends with COT


Disclaimer given and the pax were off.  YHC wanted this morning to be a fast-paced warm-up so here goes.



– Mtn Climbers x12 (IC)

– Inch Worms x10 (OYO)

– Dive Bombers x10 (OYO)



– Imp Walkers x12 (IC)

– Split Jacks x10 (OYO)

– Hillbillies x12 (IC)



– Burpee x10 (IC)

– Lunge x10 (OYO)

– SSH x 20 (IC)


Mosey to FOP for the main event:


Diamond Relay: (1 Burpee to start for each pax)

First Round:

1st cone: 10 Squats / 40 OH Claps

2nd cone: 20 American Hammers / 30 Salute Planks

3rd cone: 30 Shoulder Taps / 20 Flutters

4th cone: 40 Air Presses / 10 Monkey Humpers


All partners not going around the diamond are holding plank till man on course gets to 3rd cone then High Knees. Then SSH when to 4th cone.


Second Round:

1st cone: 40 OH Claps

2nd cone: 30 Salute Planks

3rd cone: 20 Flutters

4th cone: 10 Monkey Humpers


Wise Guy looked like Pete Rose (if Pete was a feet first slider) getting himself into position at each base/cone.  YHC found himself wanting to yell “He’s SAFE” every time he finished his slide 😊 😊 😊


10 second count after the Diamond Relay was wrapped up………both teams surprisingly neck and neck the whole time and really no clear winner!  But Wise Guy’s team did get bonus points for the flair he displayed 😉

Now time for YHC’s throw back workout from high school football days….with a little modification on length of field used.


The Death Run:

*This was a workout the Varsity did every Monday after watching film of the previous Friday night’s game.  100 yard sprints with Tempo Merkins at each goal line.  Our field was only about 40 yards this am, but still got the blood flowing and arms a-burning!!


Sprint – 21 Tempo Merkins – Sprint – 18 Tempo Merkins – Sprint – 15, 12, 9, etc


Back to BB Courts and time for some Mary:

Dying Cockroach x10

Dolly x10

Rosalita x10

LBC x20


With approx. three minutes to spare YHC decided to partner up to finish with a Haka special….

Bear Crawl to center of court with partner coming from other end and 10 Patty Cake Merkins.


Rinse & Repeat


6:15 and the pax were drenched.



-Thankful to have Wise Guy join us as he gets ready for a D-Day GRT in Tampa tomorrow night and we wish him luck!


-Prayers for DBA as his trip to Nepal is coming up in a few days.  Praying his son is feeling better so he can be ready for the journey.  We also talked about the horrible deaths on Mt. Everest and prayed for those families affected.


-Prayers for those pax taking a break or having a hard time slaying the dragon.  Hopeful that the men get back out soon.


-Prayers for YHC’s dad as knee surgery is scheduled for June 18 and will be a tough recovery.


-Continued prayers for Apnea, his M and the bun in the oven.



-Our visitor Wise Guy with a little pep in his step this morning as his adrenaline obviously pumping for his GORUCK Tough coming up Friday night.  As the rest of us left the COT, Wise Guy headed to the playground to knock out some sets of Pull-Ups……..way to get after it!


-The pax tried to keep their distance from Grouper this am as his Poison Ivy/Oak still possibly in the ‘contagious’ range.  Although Endo not totally sold it is what Grouper says it is as he asked Grouper “how do you explain that disease on your neck/ear to your wife….hahaha!”.


-Wise Guy also wanted to know how each pax got their name and was funny to hear each man give their 10 second explanation………..should do that more often.  Especially when new guys come on board or we have visitors.



-YHC thankful to be able to lead this group and all men grinded it out today……even with them dang mosquitos starting to become peskier and peskier!