Rain OR Shine….what do we do? => POST!!!

by | Jun 8, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-Ski, Bartman, Endo, Belding, No-See-Um, Duracell


#ReconMission this am at Land O’ Lakes Heritage Park was a win for all involved. Got to see the pax’s dedication as two men already in the parking lot when YHC rolled in at 7:20 am……..and two more followed quickly thereafter despite the nasty weather conditions.


Approx. 70 degrees with heavy thunderstorms all around, the pax still showed up for a wet-n-wild Saturday beatdown at an off-site location about 10 minutes north of the regular LLR Saturday spot. The rain was heavy at times and then light during the entire hour today with only a few lightning strike sightings 😊


Flag was planted, Disclaimer given and these #HIM were off!


Warmup right in front of old glory.

-Imp walkers – Frankenstein’s – Merkin – Monkey Squats – Baby Arm Circles – SSH


Mosey for a bit and then to the concession/bathroom building.


Wall Sits for 10 count by each pax

Balls To Wall 10 count by each pax


Donkey Kicks x10

Wall Taps x10


Then quickly Rinse & Repeat!


Now another set of Wall Sits with each pax performing 10 Monkey Humpers out front for the other bootcamp crew to see that were utilizing the pavilion so their lil hair-do’s wouldn’t get wet…LOL!


BTW for 10 count by each pax


Now off again for what our friends at @F3Alpha call……


Twisted Surprise:


*But wait…….a blue jeep seemed to be in a super hurry rolling into the parking lot on two wheels!! The pax waiting to be sure they wouldn’t be run over, but YHC should’ve known that know man is that excited about getting to a beatdown but an F3 man!! It happened to be our brother Duracell from @F3 Baton Rouge arriving just in time for our main event of the morning 😊


Mosey – Half of Bruce Lee (Leg Raises x20, Flutters x20, Dying Cockroaches x20)

Mosey – Then other half of BL (Freddie Mercurys x20, LBC x20, American Hammers x20)

MoseySquats x10 (IC) / Lunges x10 (IC) / Split Jacks x10 (OYO)

MoseyPlank x10 count by each pax / Mountain Climbers x10 (IC) / Plank Jacks x10 (IC)

MoseyBurpees x10 (IC) / Crab Cakes x10 (IC) / Butt Slaps x 10 (IC)


Right at the stage/mini-amphitheater YHC decided to halt the Twisted Surprise for the next little bit of action that was on the Q’s Weinke.


The following all OYO:

Curb Steps x20 on both legs

Box Jumps x10

Run up and down steps x10 (come back down backwards for extra credit as Endo set the bar!)

Single Leg Box Jumps left/right x5 each



Irkins x15

Dips x15

Derkins x15

Surfer Burpees x5


Rinse & Repeat



MARY time as YHC felt like getting some in under the cover of the amphitheater as the clouds around the AO continued to get darker and darker.


Dolly – Rosalita – Box Cutters – Superman’s – Breast stroke – J-Los (Endo) – Jane Fonda’s (Duracell) – Burpees (No-Ski)


Now, with only approx. 6 minutes left, back to the Twisted Surprise to finish things up.


Mosey to pavilion for OH Claps x10 (IC) / Air Press x10 (IC) / MoRockin Nightclubs x10 (IC)


Bear Crawl for 40 yards then Sprint to the concession building!


8:30 on the dot so back to flag for the……





*Prayers for Bartman and family stuff going on.


*Prayers No-Ski’s M and 2.0’s while in Puerto Rico visiting family….safe travels.


*Safe travels and hope DBA doing well back in his home town outside Nepal (wasn’t mentioned but wanted to keep him and family in thoughts).


*Prayers for all men not joining us as usual and hoping they find their way back out.





*Great to have some Kotters (*see definition below) back out with us……welcome back Bartman and No-Ski. No-Ski’s hiatus hasn’t been too long but he has been admittedly fartsacking for a while now. LOL Heritage Park only minutes from both men so this AO may have to become a part of the regular rotation.

*Bartman held his own just fine for being out of the beatdowns for a good little bit!!


*Endo pushing the pace all morning and glad he is back and committed again to F3!


*Today’s AO was also a little closer to Belding so YHC knew he wouldn’t miss out on the fun.


*Duracell from Louisiana in town for work and the pax just happy he found us and also the fact that a lightning bolt didn’t light him up during the picture when he was holding the metal flag pole 😊



***Kotter – a man who Posts to a Workout after a prolonged absence***



Refreshing & Rewarding workout for all and glad the pax made the commitment this morning to get better as HIM………great way to kick off a Saturday!!!