America The Beautiful

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Apnea, Flat Tire, DBA, Belding, Endo, Fenway (FNG)


81 degrees, blue skies and sun was out. The pax decided on this July 4th holiday to move the beatdown to 7:00 am and go for one full hour……no CSAUP planned like last year but YHC still had a few tricks up his sleeve.


One FNG showed this am thanks to Apnea and 7 total pax, including YHC, took the Daily Red Pill this Independence Day. On this morning’s menu was a little bit of mosey, a few coupons here and there and finished off by a nice, cool surprise. Now, enough of the teasers………..lets GATA!


Flag was planted, Full Disclaimer given and off we went. YHC mentioned that there must be constant mumble chatter today or there would be penalties……..the pax didn’t disappoint as they were chattering right out the gate!



Mosey to 1st roundabout (All IC):

-SSH x 12

-Imp. Walker x 12

-Merkin x 12

-Shoulder Taps x 12


Mosey back to BB Courts (All IC):

-Windmills x 8

-Frankensteins x 12

-Baby Arm Circles x 12

-OH Claps x 12


Quick sip of H20 and off to the Deadman’s End.


YES, that’s right the Blue F3 water jug & Red F3 bucket have made their way back out for Merica’s Birthday today and were strategically placed. As well as the GORUCK flag and YHC’s brand new Brute Force sand bag 😊


All of a sudden the pax really started the mumble chatter along with some groans and moans.


A        – Aiken Legs (20 Squats, 20 Box/Curb Jumps, 20 Lunges, 20 Split Jacks – all OYO)

            This really got the legs burning and a few choice words for the Q were heard here.

M       – Monkey Humpers x 15 (IC)

E         – Elevens w/ Burpees & Mtn Climbers with a twist. Sand bag place on end with Burpees and each pax had to take one turn doing clean & press instead of Burpees. Blue water jog on end with Mtn. Climbers and up-right rows done once instead of mountain climbers.

R        – Rosalitas x 20 (IC)

I         – Indian Run w/ Flag at the front whole time (to first roundabout & back)

C        – Crabcakes x 15 (IC)

A       – American Hammers x 15 (IC)


Now that the pax paid homage to AMERICA with some hard work, sweat and maybe a few tears……time to play a little game. About 3/4’s of way through the pax all started noticed that they now see what is going on and they saw YHC’s cheat sheet written in chalk (AMERICA).  Endo then commented that I left off “The Beautiful” at the end…….we all know a good exercise that starts with a letter “B”…..muhahahaaaa!!  YHC did stop at America so the pax were happy.


Remember hot potato……….


HOT Bucket/Water Jug: Pax formed a tight circle and put the Red Bucket & Blue Water Jug in center. Everyone in Al Gore position and passed both coupons around the circle counter clockwise.

*That is to your right Flat Tire 😊


After 60 seconds or so YHC stopped the action for a 10 count…..legs were on fire!!!


Second set the coupons passed clockwise, just to switch it up a little. Now time to gather all the coupons and slowsey it back to the BB Courts.


After a quick sip, YHC got to reveal his cool surprise on the morning to finish off the last 10 minutes of the beatdown. Off to the pool we went and all but 1 (Flat Tire) committed to cooling off……those 6 pax stripped down to just their shorts and showered off before taking a dip.


3 sets of 5 Hydro-Burpees each………3 men in pool at a time while other 3 held Al Gore. Flat Tire just did Burpees the whole time cause he’s a beast. These were especially refreshing knowing we had an elderly resident swimming laps behind us 😊


Back to the BB Courts and 8:00 on the dot.





-Apnea with some great news on his sister-in-law as she is cancer free.


-Prayers and thankful for Endo and DBA back out after their bouts with the Flu.


-Prayers for Flat Tire’s pup.


-Prayers for all men DR and off celebrating the holiday.





-Welcome to Fenway (FNG) and hope you come back out on Saturday!!


-Today was a hot one for sure but all pax kept moving and pushing each other.


-Lots of mumble chatter and no penalties had to be doled out………..Flat Tire especially kept the action going and wanted a prize.


-Speaking of surprises……YHC had one for everyone at the bottom of the Red Bucket, good ole Budweiser.


-Happy Birthday America…….we are all thankful to live in this great nation and grateful to be able to come out and be apart of F3 Nation!