The Never-Ending Suicides & Clubs/Burpees that wouldn’t STOP!

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um & Vanellope
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Belding, Malware, Endo, Vanellope


Beautiful morning at #TheRanch and no newcomers arrived after the two hour CSAUP concluded and only had one casualty as Haka had to scurry off to get ready for his Thanksgiving feast.


5 pax were already nice and warm and ready to crush the special hour long Thanksgiving Day beatdown. This would be a Co-Q by No-See-Um & Vanellope………7:30 hits and Go Time!!!




Mosey to roundabout and all IC: 
-SSH x 10
-Mountain Climbers x 10

-Shoulder Taps x 10

-Imperial Walkers x 10


-Broad Jump Burpees around – 3 rounds

1st round=1 burpee at each line with broad jumps in between

2nd round=2 burpees and jog in between for a break

3rd round=3 burpees and alternate jog and broad jump


*This seemed to hit the pax hard and the Q was definitely feeling it!!


Mosey to the pavilion for some Wall work.


Balls to Wall with 10 count per pax and then a set of Wall Sits with 10 count per pax and 10 Monkey Humpers per pax.


Another set of Balls to the Wall to finish out here.


4 Corners with an Escalator at the Field of Pain (FOP)…..


20-Box Cutters

30-Monkey Humpers

40-Calf Raises


R&R back down escalator (40, 30, 20, 10)


Vanellope’s time to take over and do his thing………..”Absolutely crush the spirit of every pax still standing”.


Deck of Death at the BB Courts

Clubs = Burpees

Diamonds = Merkins

Hearts = Peter Parkers

Spades = Squats


About ½ way through the deck, Vanellope felt sorry for the pax as just about every Club/Burpee 8 and above was drawn in the first 15 cards…….so he took the men to the FOP for some never-ending suicides. His directive…….

Vanellope: “Suicides now men with the five trees being the markers”

The pax: “Just one set??”

Vanellope: “NO, it is timed”

The pax: “For how long??”

Vanellope: “I’ll let you all know 😊”


Well, it ended up being around 3+ sets of suicides for most all pax and seemed to last an eternity. The pax’s reward…….a trip back to the BB Courts to finish out the Deck of Death!!!


Didn’t quite get through the entire deck but did finish out 20 calf raises/10 box cutters to round out those sets……….however, at the very end the Q (Vanellope) said it was only fitting to draw the last card and of course it was a 6 of Clubs. Nothing like blowing out the last 30 seconds of the BD with 6 more BURPEES.


MOVEmber Challenge exercise totals:

-50 Box Cutters

-100 Calf Raises

1 Mile run



-Many thanks the pax talked about today and were thankful for including Family, Friends, Good Health, The Nation we live in……and last but not least F3.

-Prayers for those men DR and traveling (Grouper, DBA, Solo, etc) and those not able to join……safety the rest of this holiday weekend.



-Awesome work today by all Pax and nice surprise seeing Malware home from college.

Malware did have some trouble handling the sandbags on a couple occasions but might be due to his 3+ month absence from F3….. 😊

-The regular beatdown was a challenge for all pax after enduing the two hour long CSAUP beforehand……….but all powered through and killed it.

Haka was his normal beastly self during the CSAUP and would have probably liked to stay at the hill and continue flipping Bertha.

Vanellope and his Colorado deck may be burned by the pax next time it makes an appearance but that was a fun, tough challenge to get through. He also seemed to be ready to flip the deck over at the end and continue with another round!!!