New Year, No Legs

by | Jan 5, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Haka
PAX POSTED: No-see-um, vanellope, dba, belding, malware, geek squad, solo, flat tire, grouper, miley

First Saturday of the new year, what better way to spend it than with a beatdown with a fully loaded ruck! Welcome FNG Miley and welcome back Geek Squad!

Ssh, front squat, press, windmill, Frankenstein
The thang:
Front Squat Tabata with ruck 20 sec ON/10 sec REST, x 8 rounds.
Around the world with 2 coupons (slam ball, kettlebell) – all pax ssh while coupons make their way around the circle.
For slamball:
5 slamballs
5 thrusters
5 slamballs
For kettlebell:
5 swings
5 thrusters
5 swings
Round 1 was 180 ssh total. Pax were told they had to beat this the 2nd time to avoid a penalty. 2nd round was a success!
With ruck: exercises to be performed at ballet courts, crosswalk near dog park, ballroom court. Mosey in between all points. Bruce Lee for all pax waiting for the 6. PAX were instructed that the rucks were to not hit the ground from this point forward.
Round 1 – 10 burpees
Round 2 – 20 lunges
Round 3 – 30 hillbillies
Round 4 – 40 meekins, YHC underestimated these with rucks on. Oops.
2 Penalties given for rucks hitting the ground. Names will not be given to protect the innocent.
20 burpees with rucks.
Done. Great job today men. YHC heard a lot of complaints about legs hurting afterwards. =)
-Grouper’s granddad in assisted living and not doing well….prayers for comfort and peace.

-Flat Tire’s M still looking for job and prayers that she finds something soon. -No-See-Um’s grandmother going into assisted living sometime in next month.

-Malware headed back to college soon and prayers for success in semester 2.

-Welcome to FNG – Miley!!! He said thankful to find this group of men and looking forward to Tuesday.

-Welcome back GeekSquad!

Nutrition challenge starts Jan 13th. See slack for details.