Overdone Egg Rolls

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Endo, Vanellope, Miley, Grouper, Little Debbie, DBA, Apnea, No-See-Um, Flat Tire

5:30 am came early for YHC as he stayed up in the wee hours of the morning watching those LSU Bengal Tigers put a whoopin on those Clemson Tigers.  No real Dawg in the fight here but was rooting for the SEC and the team that put my beloved Bulldawgs out. 


Enough of that and on to the matter at hand……….a Tuesday beatdown with 8 other #HIM (9 total pax).  One visitor with us from F3 Tallahassee …… welcome Little Debbie!!  Disclaimer was given and we were quickly off on a mosey as lots to get in over the next 45 minutes.


At the West Roundabout:

Warm-Up: (All IC)

-Imperial Walkers x 12

-Baby Arm Circles x12

-Frankensteins x12

-Air Presses x12


Next up ……. 21’s!  SSH with YHC counting In Cadence up to 5 and then silent after that.  A few grumblings from some veteran pax that Miley better get this thing right, and what do ya know……one of those veterans (Flat Tire) was unable to finish on target with the rest of the pax 🙂

-10 Burpee penalty (OYO)


Second set of 21’s was right on the mark so the pax moseyed down to the East Roundabout for a few rounds of Circle Burp. 


Warm-up complete and back to BB Courts for quick sip and on to the FOP.


Cookie Chesto time (Thanks for the suggestion Miller Time and for the exercise Cookie ….. F3 Alpha pax!)

-With four cones set up like on an infield diamond, the following was done:

10 Merkins at first cone “home plate”, then Crab Walk to second cone “1st base”

10 Diamond Merkins, then Bear Crawl to “2nd base” 

10 Wide Merkins, then Duck Walk to “3rd base”

10 Staggered Merkins, then sprint “home”…..finish with 10 Staggered Merkins other way


*Rinse & Repeat but in opposite direction!!!  


Now on to the Playground for a set of 11’s with some new exercises YHC stole from F3 Statesboro.

On the sidewalk -> Egg Rolls & then run to playground for Tri-Cep Extensions using horizontal bar………to say the Egg Rolls wore on the pax (and YHC) would be an understatement.  The Egg Rolls this morning were way overdone and/or needed some extra soy sauce……core gonna be sore tomorrow!


With about 8 minutes left, the pax moseyed back to the BB Courts for a quick message from YHC and some good ole Mary!


YHC wanted to share some quick thoughts and words from the Q source (Shield Lock Q1.7)……some of what is below is paraphrased by YHC and even added some own wording so not exactly as the Q Source states.


***The Pax all planked while YHC read.

Shield Lock (Q1.7)


The Horizontal Relationship Between Men

Man hunts best in a pack (or a Team if you will)

Eyes to the side have the animals that hide. Eyes up front have the animals that hunt.

Man’s eyes are up front. We are hunters not hiders.

Some animals, like wolves, do hunt in packs because they have evolved to be more successful that way. But their focus is solely on their prey. When they claim their prey it is distributed along a vertical pecking order starting with the alpha male of the pack.

The man-pack hunts differently. Instead of focusing solely on his prey, a man also works together with other men to see what might be behind him. He knows that he can only see what is in front and is blind to his Six unless another man watches it for him. No man can see his own Six.

“We watch each other’s backs……we cover for each other….we pick each other up when we’re down!”

Man is also born hard-wired to protect himself and his loved ones. When threatened, we lock our individual shields together into a defensive wall to repel the invader. The HIM locks his shield with other HIMs to protect each other.



-6″ with every pax giving a 10 count

-Flutter Kicks




Shoulder/Arm burn time:

-Baby Arm Circles

-Air Presses

-OH Claps

-Seal Claps

-Moroccan Night Clubs



-Prayers for Haka’s 2.0 who is in hospital with high fever and thankfully not the flu.


-Prayers for DBA and his health after getting bloodwork back.


-Continued prayers for Flat Tire and M looking for job.


-Prayers for all pax, their health and strength during the Nutrition Challenge.


-Grateful to have Little Debbie with us from F3 Tallahassee and welcome anytime brother.


-Prayers for YHC as he is DR for rest of the week at a Sales Conference.


Thankful for the pax and all their effort and drive today.  Lots of sweat was left out on #TheRanch in the gloom and men got better!!!