No Body Bags needed for this crew!

by | Feb 1, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Endo, Grouper, Belding, Miley, Baiter, No-See-Um, Flat Tire, DBA


QIC: No-See-Um


Pax: Endo, Grouper, DBA, Miley, Belding, No-See-Um, Baiter, Flat Tire


Weather Conditions – 61 degrees, fairly damp ground from the early morning rain and then of course the pax were dusted with a light mist about halfway through the beatdown.


8 Pax, including YHC, posted for a Saturday morning sweat-fest here at #TheRanch. The men had a little preview of what was to come this am and YHC was anxious to get things started. Lots of YHC’s favorite movie quotes would test the pax all morning long 😊 Disclaimer was given and it was Go Time!


Mosey to the dock by the lake as this would be a Day on the Lake. Before starting YHC had one thing to say……

‘Okay, you guys want to know the truth about today’s workout??’

“Well, You Can’t Handle The TRUTH!!!”

              -A Few Good Men


Warm-up on dock:


-Cheer Jacks




Scout Run around the lake with guy in front doing squats until last guy passes him. Three times through as the pax made their way to the bridge. Here the men were split into two teams for some Dora 1-2-3.


But first…..


“Get him a body bag.”


-Karate Kid


100-Shoulder Taps


300-Monkey Humpers


“I feel the need, the need for speed.”

-Top Gun


Indian Run now with Lunges in the middle until arriving at the next gate. Time for some coupon work……..however, YHC had a little freak out moment as his Blocks (and more importantly his 30 lbs GoRuck plate) were missing…..OMG!!! Luckily, a little laughter from the gallery gave away the prank by ole DBA….haha!


“You know I don’t speak Spanish”

“Why don’t you go back to your home on whore island?”

“I love lamp.”



Partner up and complete the following with partnering performing Plank/SSH in between exercises.

Curls x10

Block Swings x10

OH Press x10

Goblet Squats x10

Skull Crushers x10


*Rinse & Repeat x5*


“Word for the day is JOB….J-O-B”

“You just got knocked the f*&$ out”



Mosey back to dock for quick sip and team relay time.


Relay Race:


Team 1: Grouper, Endo, Flat Tire, DBA




Team 2: No-See-Um, Miley, Belding, Baiter


All exercises performed in cadence with each team and then one team member designated for each “movement” down to cone and then sprint back. All team members sprint at the very end.


5 Lunges (IC)


-Duck Walk


10 Merkins (IC)


-Bear Crawl


15 Mtn Climbers (IC)


-Crawl Bear


20 OH Claps


-Crab Walk


25 LBC


-Sprint (all members sprinted down and back)


Team 1 beat out Team 2 that consisted of the oldest and youngest members of F3 Lutz. YHC thinks they may just be able to count faster 😊


Irish Goodbye here by Flat Tire but more work to be done so back to the Courts.


Partner up for Plank/Merkins x10

*Rinse & Repeat*


“I look like a banker in this….”

“They serve chili dogs down there?”

“Hats for bats…keep bats warm. Gracias.”

-Major League


***This was the only quote the men faltered with and Endo knew it but couldn’t pull the trigger in time so there was a 5 Burpee penalty.


YHC had a few more quotes to get through here so there was some SSHs and Mary mixed in.


“Harry, I’m dropping the hammer!”

-Days of Thunder


*Men technically didn’t get this one above but YHC already had the men on the ground so just pushed forward with Mary.






“Hey man, you gotta a joint? Well, It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”

-Dazed & Confused



-Prayers for Belding’s co-worker’s husband.

-Prayers for Vanellope and Endo’s uncle/uncle-in-law.

-Prayers for Grouper’s Grand Father battling Dementia and hospice being called in.



-26.2 Star Course here in Tampa next Saturday, 2/8 and No-See-Um, Haka, Grouper and DBA taking part.

-Nutrition Challenge in full swing and everyone doing their best to make their team’s proud