social distancing leprechauns

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: belding, grouper, dba, miley, apnea, flat tire

7 PAX this am on this beautiful St. Patty’s day at the ranch. Many PAX were enjoying their modified spring breaks. YHC overheard some mumble chatter on the real need for TP and other possible alternatives. A lot of great ideas. Even the one about rinsing off in @no-see-um‘s pool.

Warmup: Just a little festive humor

Leaping Leprechauns – (aka SSH)

Irish Jig (aka high knees)

Blarney Stone Jump (aka Jump Squat)

Shamrock Climbers (aka Mountain Climbers)

The Thang:

At bball courts

19’s – PAX perform 19 burpees, bear crawl or lunge to other side of court, 18 Salute planks (both arms), bear clrawl or lunge back, perform 17 burpees, bear crawl or lung back, perform 16 salute planks….etc etc

total burpees: 100

Next up: Lake trail

Indian run to stop #1 (we made sure to separate at least 6 ft apart for our social distancing)

PAX perform 50 SSH, 50 Squats

Indian run to stop #2

PAX perform 50 SSH, 50 Squats

Indian run to finish

PAX perform 50 mountain climbers, 50 LBC

Slowsy back to courts


COT: prayers with this group as we all work through covid-19. may we continue to be strong, calm, and supportive to one another.