Deja Vu—BYOC

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Belding
PAX POSTED: DBA, Grouper, Endo, Anchorman, Flat Tire, Apnea, Belding, No See Um

Warmup at the courts

SSH x 15 IC

Frankensteins x10 IC

Windmill x10 IC

Merkin x10 IC

Air press x10 IC

Grab a coupon and mosey to the dead end.

At the dwadend

Flutter kicks x10 IC with coupon

Indian run (yes @Flattire) Indian run to the trail.

At the bridge 4 rounds of the following:

5 durkins

10 step ups (easy way)

15 urkins

20 dips

Duck walk to the fence and back

@anchorman witnessed his first wild alligator since relocating to the sunshine state. Just a little baby gator but not “gator bait”. Quoting the mumble chatter.

Indian run back to the coupons for the THANG!!!

Shoulder press w coupon

Mosey to fire hydrant w/coupon

Block swing w coupon

Mosey (leave coupon behind) back to sign


Mosey to hydrant

Curls w coupon

Mosey w/ coupon back to sign

Skull Krushers w/ coupon

Mosey to hydrant w/o coupon


Mosey back to start

4 rounds. 40 reps. 30 reps. 20 reps. 10 reps.

Not much mumble chatter for this part of the beatdown as @belding brought the pain!!!! Other than a few remembering the beatdown during quarantine at LOL rec by @Belding’s house.

PAX were spent but there was still more to come. Slowly back to the courts w coupons for a long sip of the H2O!!!

Plan was for 2 laps w increasing burpees at each light pole. @grouper was in #BeastMode and got them in. The remaking PAX did 1.5 laps.

One last exercise.  Angle leg lifts while holding coupon.

Ready position. Move IC x 11 ( supposed to b 10 but QIC was spent and lost focus).



Strength to all during the pandemic and challenges facing out great country.

Happy Father’s Day to all.